Authorities Target Xtream Codes Providers, Many IPTV Services Taken Down

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Last Updated on June 24, 2020 by Jenny L

In this post, I’m going to complete information about the Xtream Codes System and other popular IPTV providers shut down news. After enforcement of Italian anti-piracy law, many authorities target IPTV providers. People spreading incomplete news that Xtream Codes is illegal and the owners are arrested.

Here in this post, I’ll explain the complete matter of Xtream Codes and other IPTV providers shut down news.

What Xtream Codes? Is it illegal?

Xtream Codes is an IPTV management software which is used by popular IPTV providers. It helps in managing the database of customers and other details. People use Xtream Codes for reselling IPTV services.

Xtream Codes IPTV

After the implementation of a strict law on anti-piracy, many authorities target IPTV providers. Some IPTV providers have shut down their services.

Xtream Codes is a popular company which provides IPTV software to manage customer database, billing options, channel distribution, and much more features. It doesn’t host any video file, justing providing software to manage the database of IPTV users. Xtream Codes is not illegal.

But, recently the Xtream Codes has been taken down. Authorities targeted this company because they have a database of millions of IPTV clients and providers.

How Xtream Codes Shut Down Affect IPTV Services?

As I mentioned above, massive IPTV providers using Xtream Codes for managing their clients and subscription. After shut down of Xtream Codes, they will not get any further updates and support from the company.

If your IPTV service is not working, it might be possible because of Xtream Codes shut down. Your provider will not able to manage their service without developer support or maybe planning to shut down the service.

Warning: Your privacy at risk…

Recently, CotoMovies developer agrees to share users database to authority. Xtream Codes can also expose the database of users. That’s why I always recommend you to use a secure VPN for streaming purposes. Express VPN is the best VPN for FireStick, Android, and Windows. It hides your data, activities, location, etc.

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While exploring Reddit, I found that many providers are not working after this shutdown and many of them removed the payment option.

I found that these two IPTV services are still working-

  1. Sportz TV
  2. Gears TV

Some of the IPTV providers affected-

  • Eternal TV removed autopay option.
  • PrimeStreams removed payment option.
  • Nitro Resellers site is down.
  • Streamforus is down.
  • Crystal Clear IPTV is down.
  • The Players Club IPTV stopped payment option.
  • Area 51 can shut down without notice.

Note- Some of the IPTV providers might be temporarily down their service. It can go live any time, so when I checked, the above were affected Xtream Codes shutdown.

What are the alternatives?

Your IPTV might be discontinued until they migrate to a new IPTV management system. Till then, you can try these alternatives-

You can try some Live TV Addons on Kodi and some free Live TV APK.

We recommend the following addons and APK-

Live TV Kodi Addons:

Live TV APK:

Final Words:

Few of popular IPTV services are still using Xtream Codes but they might be taken down because no supports will be provided by the developer team. Although, some are looking for alternative software to migrate. So, you might face some issues during this, but the above recommended Live TV Addons and Live TV APK are working fine.

Please tell us, if your IPTV working/down in the comment box…

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  1. master iptv is down – stopped soon after xtream stopped – sent email to them – website down – email came back with error address

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