How To Fix This Error On Kodi

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Last Updated on March 13, 2020 by Jenny L

Do you frequently get Stream Authorization error while watching any movies or shows on Kodi?

In this guide, I want to give you a permanent solution to fix this- stream authorization on Kodi 18.6 & Kodi 18.5 (Leia).

Do you want me to provide this solution?

If yes, then read this guide completely…

What is https://streamango/pair stream authorization?

Before I go to the fixing process of this error, I want to brief you about this… First, you should understand what is https://streamango/pair stream authorization and why you frequently getting this on your Kodi screen.

Let’s put an effort to understand this…

You probably get this error while using third-party Kodi add-ons... Isn’t it…?

Yes, it happens because you’re using an unofficial Kodi addon to watch movies or tv shows… Don’t worry- you can fix it and continue using all officials as well as unofficial Kodi addons.

Kodi is just an empty box without its add-ons… All credits of Kodi’s popularity goes to the Plugins and Add-ons available to install.

Kodi Addons using python scripts to find streaming links… and there are many video hosters out there which are providing HD quality link to stream a movie or show.

Streamango is one of the major video hoster which supply a bunch of quality links to the various devices and video streaming services. It causes huge loss of bandwidths that slow down- even breakage of their servers.

In order to balance the load, they started asking to pair your IP address with their servers. Once you pair your IP address with, you can watch any movie or shows for the next four hours.

After four hours you again need to pair your device IP address…

Now, you understand stream authorization is not an error. It’s, just a method to balance the server load and save unwanted bandwidth loss…

There are two methods to fix it-

  1. Temporary solution (by pairing with streamango servers)
  2. Permanent solution (disable streamango server links)

So, let’s see both the methods to fix streamango pair authorization…

How to fix stream authorization?

We shall start with the first method i.e. pair our IP address with to watch anything for the next four hours…

Follow these steps…

1- Turn ON Your VPN

First of all, you need to open your VPN and connect it to a fast server. I recommend you to get Express VPN because they have got the fastest server than any other VPN providers.

Note- Make sure your VPN is not blocking web advertisement. If CyberSec feature supported by your VPN provider then make sure you disabled it.

Express VPN Setup

2- Open a Web Browser

If you’re using Kodi on Windows/Mac then open Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari and If you’re using Kodi on Firestick then open Silk Browser.

Type this address

Streamango Pair

3- Solve the captcha

The next step is, check the box- I’m not a robot.

Streamango Pair for Kodi

4- Hit “Pair” button

Once you solve the captcha, you’ll find that a “Pair” button available below.

5- Close the browser

Close the browser and enjoy streaming for the next 4 hours.

Streamango Pair Stream Authorization

You’ve successfully paired your IP address with pair server. Now, you can watch anything from Streamango for the next four hours.

But, make sure your device IP address is not changing in-between…

If you lost your internet connection, then again you need to repeat the same process to fix stream authorization on Kodi.

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