How To Setup Roku Streaming Device

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Last Updated on May 7, 2020 by Jenny L

Roku is a powerful media streaming device that provides excessive opportunities to watch movies and tv shows. It’s a perfect cord-cutter device at an affordable price range. Roku supports 4K videos with a 4K compatible TV. Millions of customers already using Roku as the prime streaming device. It has already gained enough popularity among cord-cutters.

If you too got a new Roku Streaming Stick or Box, you might need assistance with getting started. So, here I’ll be writing the Roku Setup guide that helps you in getting started with Roku.

What is Roku?

Roku Homepage

Roku is a killer weapon that converts any non-smart tv into a smart tv. It’s running on Roku OS and developers are quite active and releasing frequent updates with new features. So, if you don’t hold any experience in the Roku interface, you could need a guide. So, without wasting much of the time, let’s see- How to Setup Roku streaming box and Roku streaming stick.

Roku features thousands of channels and apps that provide enough daily entertainment dose. Many of them are free and many are paid also. Depending on your requirements, you can get the channels and apps.

How to set up Roku for the first time?

Follow these steps to complete your first Roku Setup-

1. Plug-in Roku into HDMI port

Plug Roku into the HDMI port and connect the power cable to a power source. If there’s less space to insert Roku Stick, use the HDMI extender as shown below.

 Plugin Roku Stick to HDMI Port

2. Insert micro USB cable

Roku needs a power source. Insert the micro USB cable in the port and connect it to a power adapter (Roku packaging contains this) or TV USB port.

Insert microUSB cable

3. Choose a language

Let’s get started with the Roku Setup process. Choose a language to proceed setup process.

Roku Setup- Choose Language

4. Pair Roku Remote

Insert the batteries in remote and it’ll automatically detect Roku Remote. If not, open the back where batteries are inserted and press and hold the pair button to complete the process.

Pair Roku Remote

5. Select a wireless network

Roku will detect all the WiFi near the TV. Select your WiFi to connect to the internet.

Roku Setup: Choose a wireless network

6. Type WiFi Password

Enter your network password and then click connect.

Roku Setup: Enter wifi password

7. Wait…

Roku is connecting and checking internet access. Wait once this process is complete.

Roku Setup

8. Update software

An update for Roku OS is available. Select OK to update it. The software update provide more stability to the device and fixes any bugs and brings new features.

Roku Software Update

9. Wait…

It may take a few minutes in the software update. Please wait till Roku downloads the latest software and installs itself.

Roku OS Updating

10. Choose Auto detect display type

Roku will automatically detect your display resolution. Press the OK button on your Roku remote to analyze through your HDMI connection.

Setup Roku Express

11. Select OK

Here you’ll see your HDMI input is capable of playing video resolution. Select OK, got to automatic option.

Roku Display Resolution

12. Choose Display Setting

Here the scan result for the Display setting. Select Yes, the screen looks good option to save this setting.

Roku Setup

Follow on-screen instructions to set up the basic settings. After that, you’ll be asked to activate your Roku and pair it with a Roku account to get channels and apps.

Here I’m writing the methods to activate and pair Roku with an account. Read the steps below-

How to activate a Roku device?

The device requires Roku account authentication to get Roku channels and apps. Once you finish the above steps, an activation code will appear on your TV screen.

1- Note Down Roku Activation Code

Here you have to activate Roku using a PC, Phone. or Tablet. Open a web browser on PC and visit this URL-

Activate Roku

2- Enter Activation Code

Enter the activation code from the Roku TV screen.

Activate Roku Device

3- Sign Up Roku Account

If you have already created a Roku account you can log in with that. Else Sign Up for a fresh Roku account. Click No, I need to create one button.

Signup Roku Account

4- Enter Account Details

Fill all the necessary information and verify captcha and select Continue.

Roku Account Sign Up Page

5- Choose PIN preferences

You can set up a PIN preference for channels purchase and adding items. I don’t want to enter a PIN while doing anything, so I’ll disable it.

Roku PIN Setting

6- Enter Payment Details

In order to make channels purchase, you need to enter payment details. Roku never charges anything automatically, so it’s safe to go.

Roku Payment Page

7- Enter Billing Details

Enter your billing address and all the required details to finish the Roku activation process.

Roku Billing Page

8- Add some channels

Now, you can add Roku channels of your choice to play anything. Once added, click on the Continue button and all the selected channels are auto sync with your Roku device.

Roku Channels

That’s it. Follow some on-screen instructions and enjoy powerful features of the Roku streaming device.

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