How To Install Riddler Stream Addon On Kodi

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Last Updated on March 22, 2020 by Jenny L

In this guide, I am going to show you the installation steps of Riddler Stream Addon on Kodi 18.4 (Leia). This is counted as one of the best Kodi addons for movies and tv shows. When I’m writing this guide, Riddler Stream is available to install from the Man Cave Repository for Kodi. This repository proving many outstanding add-ons for Kodi, but here in this tutorial, we’ll stick to the Riddler Stream Kodi Addon.

The Riddler Stream Addon is offering a separate category for watching 4K movies. But, you need to integrate Real Debrid account to watch 4K videos. You don’t need to do anything additionally to integrate Real Debrid with Riddler Stream Kodi Addon. There is an option to configure your addon with the real debrid account.

If you want. I can write a separate guide for Real Debrid account configuration. Just tell me in the comment box…

Let’s jump to the installation steps of Riddler Stream Addon on Kodi-

How to install Riddler Stream Addon on Kodi

Follow these quick steps to install Riddler Stream on Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi on your device.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select System Settings.
  4. Choose Add-ons.
  5. Select Unknown Sources.
  6. Select Yes to confirm.
  7. Go one step back.
  8. Click on File Manager.
  9. Select Add Source.
  10. Choose <None>.
  11. Enter repository address-
  12. Enter repository name- Riddler.
  13. Select OK.
  14. Back to Kodi Home.
  15. Go to Add-ons.
  16. Click on the Package Installer. Kodi Package Installer
  17. Select Install from zip.
  18. Choose the Riddler repository folder.
  19. Select the file.
  20. Go back and select Install from repository.
  21. Select Man Cave Repo.
  22. Open Video Add-ons folder.
  23. Select Riddler Stream.
  24. Click on the Install button.
  25. Select OK to download its dependencies on Kodi.

How To Install Riddler Stream Kodi Addon

If you are not satisfied with the above steps, please follow these detailed steps along with pictures to install Riddler Stream on Kodi

1- Launch Kodi on your device

Go to your apps list and select Kodi to launch it.

Kodi Home

2- Go to Kodi Settings

Once Kodi home is fully loaded on your device, click on the gear icon to go to Kodi settings.

Kodi settings

3- Select System

Select System option from the list of various option.

Kodi system settings

4- Select Add-ons

In order to install any third-party add-ons, we need to enable Unknown source option. Select Add-ons setting from the options.

Kodi addons settings

5- Enable Unknown sources

Click on Unknown source option to allow Kodi to install third-party add-ons.

Enable unknown sources on kodi

6- Select Yes

A warning message will pop on your screen, confirm it by selecting the Yes button.

Confirm enable unknown sources

7- Select File manager

Go one step back and select File manager option to add repository source.

kodi file manager

8- Select Add source

Here you require to add the source of repository address.

Add source on Kodi

9- Select <None>

The default address is empty, click on <None> to enter the repository address.

Edit the source

10- Enter the repository address

Enter the repository address- to install Riddler Stream Addon.

How To Install Riddler Stream Kodi Addon

11- Enter the repository name

Enter the repository name as Riddler repo.

How To Install Riddler Stream Kodi Addon

12- Select OK

Cross verify the repository address and name, then select OK button to save it.

Riddler Stream for Kodi

13- Go to Add-ons

Go back to Kodi home and select Add-ons option.

Kodi addons

14- Select the Package installer

Look at the upper-left corner and select the Package installer option. Kodi Package Installer

Kodi package installer

15- Select Install from zip file

Install from zip

16- Select the repository folder

Select the repository folder. Open Riddler folder to install repository file.

How To Install Riddler Stream Addon

17- Choose the repository zip file

Select the file.

Riddler Stream Addon for Kodi

18- Select Install from repository

Go one step back and select Install from repository option.

Install from repository

19- Select the Repository

All official and third-party repository is available on your screen. Choose Man Cave Repo to install Riddler Stream Addon on Kodi.

How To Install Riddler Stream Addon

20- Open Video Add-ons folder

You can see various options like Music add-ons, Program add-ons, Video add-ons, etc. Select Video add-ons option.

Riddler for Kodi

21- Select the addon to install

You can see many addons available here. Select Riddler Stream to install on Kodi.

How To Install Riddler Stream Addon for Kodi 18.2

22- Select Install

Riddler Stream on Kodi

23- Select OK

Some dependencies and modules will also be installed with Riddler Stream, just press OK to confirm it.

Steps to install Riddler Stream Addon on Kodi

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  1. Thanks for your time and effort to enlighten those of us who aren’t up to speed on these kinds of Apps and Add-Ons. I would enjoy it if you were to write a separate guide for Real Debrid account configuration.

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