Step-by-Step Guide of Installing Real Debrid on Kodi

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Last Updated on July 9, 2020 by Jenny L

Real Debrid is an exclusive multi-hosting service that enhances your streaming experience to the next level. Once you get this on Kodi, prepare to have an extensive streaming link in Ultra HD and Full HD quality. Lots of additional streaming links from Real Debrid will be available. You won’t have to deal with Kodi buffering problems, and you will be able to stream movies and tv shows without encountering any interruptions.

Interested? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can install the Real Debrid on Kodi. 

What is Real Debrid & How is It Useful on Kodi?


Real Debrid is a must-have for an avid Kodi fan and movie freak! This multi hoster can provide you a fast streaming link to different devices. Yes, Kodi does provide many 1080p video links. But not all of it works. 60% of the links are either broken or too slow, which is quite discouraging. 

This instance is due to the traffic that the free server gets. The more that people use Kodi, the harder it gets for Kodi to provide quality service from free servers. Real Debrid is a premium video hoster, which provides fast streaming at low cost. The premium subscription is very affordable. It will cost you only $4.93/month. 


Real Debrid Features & Pricing


Real Debrid supports almost all the popular Kodi addons. It supports Supremacy, Placenta, Exodus, Neptune Rising, Genesis Reborn, Phoenix, and Covenant. But that is not the only feature that Real Debrid can offer.

Here are some of Real Debrid’s outstanding features:

  1. Real Debrid supports multiple downloads and streaming simultaneously.
  2. It is fast and cheap. You can enjoy up to 300Mbps fast streaming and downloads.
  3. It can handle unlimited traffic with plenty of SD, HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD videos.
  4. You get to have an advertisement free experience without any waiting time.
  5. It supports HTML5 streaming without any plugins.
  6. It provides the 256-bit secure downloading channel.
  7. It has DLC, RSDF, and CCF decrypter.


Real Debrid Pricing


The premium subscription comes under 4 tier, which means you will get a flexible pricing range. You have two options to choose from – 15days (lowest) and 180days (highest) subscription plans. 


Below are the pricing details:


How to Install Real Debrid on Kodi?


Here I am going to tell you a step-by-step installation and setup guide of Real Debrid for Kodi. 


Follow the steps given below:

Step-1: Select Settings icon

Step-2: Open System Settings

Step-3: Select Add-Ons

Step-4: Manage Dependencies

Step-5: Click on URLResolver

Step-6: Click on Configure

Step-7: Click on Priority

Step-8: Change the Priority to 90

Step-9: Click on OK

Step-10: Again select Configure

Step-11: Click on (Re)Authorize My Account

Step-12: Note down the Code


To sign up for a new Real Debrid account, follow this link. Once you finish the sign-up, you need to verify your email address. Activate your account by clicking the sent link on your email. Once verified, go to


Step-13: Enter the code and click Continue

Voila! You have successfully activated Real Debrid on your Kodi device. You can now enjoy the Real Debrid streaming link on your Kodi 18.2 (Leia).


Note- Once your code expires, you may go to Configure > Universal Resolver > Real Debrid> (Re)Activate My Account to get a new code.

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8 thoughts on “Step-by-Step Guide of Installing Real Debrid on Kodi”

  1. How do I know if everything is set up correctly? I signed up for a realdebrid account. But the realdribrid/device url is different than what the screen tells me. Url in this instruction will not accept any of my authorization codes. And the url in my popup does not accept the login I create because it is actually for alldebrid. Not sure of where to go from here.

  2. I have been a paid subscriber to real debrid for a while forgot user name and password never could install it on fire stick or Nicosia Shield
    Is there anyway you can help me

  3. Cinema RD links in yellow all say “need resolve” and will not play, I have logged out/in with new RD code and VPN is off. Help!

  4. When I go to manage dependencies I don’t see urlresolver – and I am in Expert mode. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’ve paid for real debrid but can’t enable it!

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