How To Fix Pair Error in Kodi- Olpair, Tvad.Me/pair and More

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How to fix Pair Error in Kodi

In this guide, we are going to fix all pair error in Kodi. Many of Kodi addons started revoking stream authorization error while streaming any movies or tv shows. A pop-up appears on the device screen with an error code asks to pair your device. That’s why I decided to write a complete tutorial to fix every kind of pair error in Kodi. It includes the following Kodi pair error- Olpair, Vidup.Me/Pair, Tvad.Me/Pair, vShare.Eu/Pair, TheVideo.Me/Pair,,,, and many more…

What is Kodi Pair Error?

Many times you have experienced that, Kodi add-on revoking streaming authorization error and asks you to pair your device first. It happens when you try to watch a movie or tv shows. A popup appears on your TV screen and it revokes an error code to authorize your device. These popups are called Kodi Pair Error.


Now you might be interested to know, why pair error occurs on Kodi?

Before telling you the reason, I would make you understand that- How Kodi Add-ons work?

When we install any add-on on Kodi, it asks us to install a Zip file (Repository file) first. The zip file contains thousands of programming codes and scripts. These scripts find streaming links from various sources. These sources are called video hosters. A video hoster has a collection of millions of movies, videos, and tv shows.

As we all know, Kodi is a world popular media center application. So, millions of people try to watch a movie or tv show on Kodi. Now, it’s extremely hard to handle millions of requests per second by those video hoster servers. To balance the server load, those video hosters ask to verify the captcha.

Now, once your Kodi addon requests their server for a movie, they ask to pair your IP address first. And video hoster store your IP address for a particular time frame. The period ranges from 2 hours to 4 hours. Till that period, you can watch anything from that server.

I hope you understand what is Kodi pair and why pair error occurs in Kodi.

Now, let’s see how to fix the pair error in Kodi…

How to fix pair error in Kodi?

Pair Error in Kodi can be fixed by multiple methods. There are three methods to fix olpair, Tvad.Me/Pair,,, Vidup.Me/Pair, and stream authorization.

  1. Integrate Real Debrid with Kodi.
  2. Disable video hosters with Captcha.
  3. Pair your device with individual video hosters server.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all the methods to fix the pair error on Kodi in detail. But out of these three methods, Real Debrid is the best option to choose. The premium service of Real Debrid costs you around $4/month but it worth. However, if you don’t want to spend money then other options are also available.

Method 1: Fix Kodi Pair Error with Real Debrid integration

Real Debrid

Real Debrid is a premium service that costs around $4 per month only. In my viewpoint, Real Debrid integration is the best method to fix Kodi pair and filter low quality streaming links.

I using Real Debrid on Kodi and other streaming apps like Cinema Apk, UnlockMyTv, Titanium TV, etc… Real Debrid integration with Kodi and other streaming apps is solve the buffering issues and remove low quality streaming links.

Real Debrid is working with almost all popular Kodi addons. After, integration of this service, you won’t face Kodi Pair Error and Kodi Buffering issue anymore.

The integration process of Real Debrid with Kodi and Apps is very simple. I’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to setup a Real Debrid account with Kodi. You can check it out below.

How To Install & Setup Real Debrid on Kodi

Method 2: Fix Kodi Pair Error by Disabling Video Hosters with Captcha

Kodi add-0ns using python scripts to find movies and tv shows from the various sources. Some of the sources require captcha verification for playback. In such cases, our Kodi revokes an error message on the TV screen. In order to fix Kodi Stream Authorization permanently, you can disable those sources which require captcha verification.

Follow these steps to disable video hosters with captcha on any Kodi addon. I’m using Exodus Redux for example purposes.

1. Open any Kodi add-on from your Add-ons list. I’ve chosen Exodus Redux as my example.

Exodus Redux

2. Scroll down and go to Tools option to perform some changes. You might see Settings if using a different Kodi addon.

Disable Hosters with Captcha on Kodi

3. Select SETTINGS: Playback option from the list.

Disable Hosters with Captcha on Kodi Addon

4. Scroll down and choose Hosters with captchas. Toggle that button to turn OFF.

Fix Pair Error in Kodi

5. Select OK to save this setting.

Pair Error in Kodi

Now, it will disable all the streaming links which require captcha verification. You’ll not get Olpair,,, Tvad.Me/Pair and more popup for stream authorization.

Although, you’ll get less number of streaming link you can integrate Real Debrid service to get the high-quality buffer-free streaming link. Else, you can enable Hosters with captcha and pair your device IP address with their server as mentioned in Method #3.

You can find complete details below…

Method 3: Pair Streaming Device

The third option is, you have to pair your streaming device with their servers. For that, you have to visit the given link on your TV screen and follow the instructions carefully.

Read…! Before you continue…

Using the following method means, you’re verifying your IP address to authorize for viewing content. Now, they can log your activities and use it against you as CotoMovies developer did. I strongly recommend you to hide your IP address with Express VPN. It provides 256-bit AES encrypted firewall with blazing fast speed. Also, Express VPN follows a strict no-logging policy. So, it’s safe to use for streaming and torrenting.

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Once you enabled Express VPN on your device. Follow this guide to pair your streaming device-

  1. How To Pair Your Device with Olpair
  2. How To Pair Your Device with Vidup.Me & TheVideo.Me
  3. How To Pair Your Device with vShare.Eu
  4. How To Pair Your Device with &
  5. How To Pair Your Device with


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