How To Install MX Player On Firestick

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Last Updated on March 17, 2020 by Jenny L

Today we are going to learn how to install MX Player on firestick. But, before proceeding to the installation steps, let me introduce you to MX Player first. Believe me, there is rarely an Android user who never heard about MX Player because this is the most downloaded Android application on the official app store for Android. MX Player is rated as 4.5/5 and around 100M+ hits gained on the Google Play Store. The MX Player supports all video and audio formats along with multiple kinds of subtitles.

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The simplest dashboard and UI could be the one reason why because MX Player gained such immense popularity in a short period of time. The J2 Interactive (MX Player developer) team is regularly releasing updates with all new features.

The recent version i.e. MX Player 1.20.1 was launched on January 11, 2020, and it has got some new features and bugs are fixed which reported by the users.

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MX Player 1.20.1 Features

MX Player 1.20.1 has got some additional features and UI is smoother and interactive. The issues reported by the users in MX Player 1.20.0 are also fixed. Following new features are added in MX Player 1.20.1-

  • Supports external PSG subtitles (*.sup).
  • Option to set the background color for subtitle text.
  • H264 & HEVC 10bit videos can be force tried on HW & HW+ decoders.
  • Option to manually select the notification background.
  • Option set the corner offset to handle curved screen issues.
  • Audio crackling with aac_latm tracks is fixed.
  • Fails to run on Android P is fixed.
  • HW+ & SW fails to play some h.264 videos are fixed.
  • Vobsub (IDX/sub) subtitles are not rendered is fixed.

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MX Player for firestick

Firestick is also a world popular media streaming device that provides lots of features to your Smart TV. When you install MX Player on firestick, you’ll be able to play almost 95% video format on your device. If you installed a terrarium tv app on firestick then you must need an MX player to stream the contents from Terrarium TV servers.

It supports online subtitles that find an appropriate subtitle for watching movies and tv shows. MX Player for firestick can be installed from the Google Play Store or via downloading MX Player Apk file. If you don’t know how to download MX Player for firestick then please follow the steps given below.

How To Download MX Player For Firestick

There are two methods to install MX Player on firestick and below are both the methods clearly mentioned-

Detailed Guide To Install MX Player on Fire TV Stick

Step- 1: Open Firestick

Connect all the necessary cables like HDMI and Amazon Firestick Charger (Power cable) and then open Firestick. Using your Firestick Remote, scroll to Settings option and select.

Firestick Home

Step- 2: Select My Fire TV

Under the Settings option, you’ll see My Fire TV option available. Earlier this option was none as Device but in the recent update, it has been changed.

My Fire TV

Step- 3: Select Developer Options

Developer Options

Step- 4: Enable Unknown Sources

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Step- 5: Select Turn ON

Enable Unknown Sources

Step- 6: Search Downloader

Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and then search Downloader. First of all, you need to install Downloader on your Firestick to download the MX Player for Firestick.

Search Downloader

Step- 7: Select Download

Select the download button to install Downloader on Firestick.

Downloader for Firestick

Step- 8: Go to Settings

Open downloader and go to the Settings option. Here we need to enable Javascript in order to download any files. (Important)

Enable Javascript

Step- 9: Enable JavaScript

Downloader Javascript Enabled

Step- 10: Enter MX Player File Location

Here you have to type the download link of MX Player then hit the Go button. Enter-

MX Player URL

Step- 11: Click DOWNLOAD button

Here you can see that the Download link of the MX Player 1.20.1 version is available. Just click on the Download button.

Download MX Player

Step- 12: Wait…

MX Payer Downloading

Step- 13: Select Install

Install MX Player

Step- 14: Wait… MX Player installing

MX Player Installing

Step- 15: Open MX Player

MX Player Installed on Firestick

That’s it. Here is the end of the installation process. Now, you can directly Open MX Player from the installation menu or go to My Apps and look for MX Player.

Method #1- Install MX Player on firestick via MX Player APK file

Here is how to install MX Player on firestick via MX Player APK file-

  1. Open firestick device.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Go to Device.
  4. Open Developers Option.
  5. Enable Unknown Sources.
  6. Back to firestick home.
  7. Go to the search option.
  8. Type ES File Explorer in the search bar.
  9. Download ES File Explorer from the App Store.
  10. Open it.
  11. Go to Tools> Download Manager.
  12. Type in the URL bar.
  13. Name the Path as MX Player.
  14. Select OK> then Download Now.
  15. Wait… MX Player 1.9.23 beta.apk file is being downloaded.
  16. Once the download process is finished, select the Install option.
  17. Select Install on the next screen.
  18. Wait for few seconds, MX Player has been installed on your firestick device.

Method #2- Install MX Player on firestick by sideloading

This method to install MX Player requires an Android smartphone that supports MX Player 1.9.23 App. If you have, follow the steps along with me,

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap on the search bar and type MX Player.
  3. Install MX Player from J2 Interactive.
  4. Now, again type Apps2Fire App.
  5. Install the first search result.
  6. Go to the firestick home.
  7. Select settings> networks> get IP address.
  8. Note down this IP address and make sure your phone and firestick, both are connected with the same Wifi network.
  9. Agin open, Apps2fire App.
  10. Go to setup and enter your copied IP address.
  11. Hit connect.
  12. Go to Local apps and select MX Player from the list.
  13. Install it on firestick directly.

This is how another way to install MX Player on the firestick device. If you have an Android phone then I recommend this method because you can directly update MX player on firestick when a new version is released from the official developers.

Final Words:

Dear reader, concluding this tutorial is really tough for me ???? because I don’t know how I should summarize everything. Both the process is simple but if you still facing any issue while installing MX Player on firestick then our comment box is always waiting for your question. You can also write feedback in the comment box. ????

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15 thoughts on “How To Install MX Player On Firestick”

  1. melyssa liberty

    I can’t seem to get movies to play in Kodi or Terrarium. It says that I don’t have the player(s) installed, and when I try, it doesn’t work. I’ve tried installing the mx player via fire stick and android, and I’m getting nowhere. Failed download is all I get. This is so beyond annoying!!

  2. Hi thanks for your advice on how to install mxplayer on firestick don’t no how but I’ve done it I’m now wondering when I’m say have BBC 1 on and want to go to another channel is there a setting I can change to go to another channel with out pressing the return button it a bit of apai thank you

  3. I cannot install the Mx player on my Firestick. I tried the first method and got to the very end it just said app not installed. I tried the second method and when I clicked install I got a message below saying the file name could not include the characters*\/“

  4. Do you know how can I install the mxplayer apk? My Android device is asking an APK but I cannot see any information online, can you help me?

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