How To Install Kodil Repo On Kodi 18 (Leia)- Easy Steps For Firestick

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Last Updated on July 24, 2020 by Jenny L

Kodil Repo is a popular repository for Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18.9 (Leia). Lots of users consider it a must-have for it contains lots of Kodi Add-ons that will let you access movies, tv shows, and other content for free! Everything is available in Kodil Repo, from add-ons like Nemesis video or even FapZone adult add-ons (XXX Kodi Addon), to live sports channels from Live Hub or even Cerebro IPTV+, and many others.

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Users from different countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and others, use Kodil Repo extensively. It will let you access tons of popular Kodi add-ons in different categories, it will offer you 99+ world popular Kodi add-ons. In this guide, we will help you install it, so you can enjoy all the content you want. Get it on your Krypton 17.6 and Jarvis 16.1 using this guide.

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Kodil Repository: 100 Popular Add-ons List 2019

Now, let us look at the popular add-ons you might want to get from Kodil Repo. It may help you choose before the process of installing. Read on and discover all these popular add-ons that many users get and enjoy.

Repository Name- Kodil Repo

Repository Address- (2019 working)

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Here are the popular English add-ons. Some of them also offer other languages.

  1. Cerebro IPTV+
  2. Cerebro Media
  3. Cerebro VOD+ Player
  4. CerebroTV Vidics Player
  5. Bonecrusher
  6. Fox Sports
  7. Poseidon
  8. Voetbal Inside
  9. Zen
  10. Ziggo Sport
  11. Flixanity
  12. Live Hub
  13. JK$P Movies Plugin
  14. OCW Reborn
  15. Ztreaming
  16. Nemesis
  17. ZEUS Video
  18. BlackPearl
  19. Ares Anime
  20. Ares Chef Skills
  21. Ares Comedy
  22. Ares Cookbook
  23. Ares Fitness
  24. Ares KidsTube
  25. Ares Kung-Fu
  26. Ares Magic
  27. Ares Relaxation
  28. AresMoTV
  29. CiterKita
  30. Israel Tube
  31. Kick Off
  32. MoviesIL
  33. My Animasi
  34. Now Music
  35. Now Music USA
  36. Titan
  37. Icefilms FIX
  39. FapZone (XXX Addon)
  40. Cerebro TV 4K Movies
  41. cScVOD
  42. KickAss Viewer
  43. StreamHub
  44. StreamHub Premium
  45. TRAKT Viewer
  46. Dream-film
  49. Live Premiership
  50. PaulTheJoker
  51. Sports World
  52. Guzril
  53. Bash The Bishop (XXX Addon)
  54. Fear Of The Dark
  55. DocHub
  57. Real-Movies
  58. The Red Devils
  59. You’ll Never Walk Alone
  60. Alive.HD
  61. Beats.HD
  62. Documented.HD
  63. Entertainment Time
  64. Peaky Blinders
  65. Showbox Arize
  66. AnarchiTV
  67. MuttsNutz Reloaded
  72. LineCinema
  73. AniDUB
  74. Ares Extreme Sports
  75. Ares Mafia
  76. Ares Moto Sports
  77. Ares UFO
  78. Ares World
  79. AresDyslexia
  80. Ares Music
  81. Celtic FC
  82. Chocolate Salty Balls
  83. Motor Replays
  84. KissAnime
  85. iPlayer WWW
  86. Incrusion
  87. Genesis
  88. G10 Movies
  89. Football Today
  90. Football Replay
  91. Exodus
  92. Elysium
  93. Covenant
  94. cCloud TV
  95. Cartoons8
  96. BoB Unleashed
  97. BBC iPlayer
  98. 123Movies
  100. Phoenix

These are the top 100 add-ons that you will find on Kodil Repo. When you install it, you can easily access all of these. That is just amazing, right! Get these from Kodil Repo, and enjoy all the content you love for free!

Steps to Install Kodil Repo on Kodi 18.0 (Leia)

 Follow this guide that we made for you, so you can install Kodil Repo on Kodi Leia 18.0.

1- Open Kodi

Launch Kodi on your device or on Firestick. If you are the latter, go-to apps and look for Kodi to open it.

Kodi Home 1

2- Go to Settings

Next, open the Kodi settings by selecting the icon on the dashboard. It is a gearbox icon.

Kodi Settings 2

3. Select System Settings

Now, you have to go to the list and look for System Settings. You have to make some developers change.

Kodi System Settings 3

4- Open Add-Ons

On the left sidebar, click ad-on. You will change some settings here to enable third-party add-ons.

Kodi Add-ons Settings

5- Allow Unknown Resources

You have to enable unknown sources because it is disabled by default. It will prevent unauthorized access to your system. Kodi add-ons are unofficial, so you are required to do this to install it.

Kodi Unknown Sources

6-Open a Browser

We are going to download Kodil Repo Script or ZIP and install it offline.

7-Download Kodil Repo ZIP Script

Open the download link to download Kodil Repo ZIP Script. Use your browser to do this.

8-Go Back to Home

Now, you must exit the browser, go back to home once the ZIP file is successfully downloaded on your drive.

Kodi Home 1

9- Open Add-ons option

Go to the left sidebar to open the Add-ons option.

Kodi Add-Ons

10- Click Package Installer

Next, you have to select the package installer from the top left corner. It will start the installation of the Kodi Repo ZIP file.

Kodi Package Installer

11-Choose Install from ZIP file

Now, you will see different options on your screen. You have to choose Install from ZIP File.

Install from zip file

12- Select

Go to the file location, then select You will also find it in the Download folder, if you are a Windows 10 user. Look for it and select.

Install Kodil Repo Zip

13- Choose Install from Repository 

Now, go one step back, then choose Install from the repository. When you do that, you will have the offer of all the Kodi add-ons, and you will see that Kodil Repo is on the list. You can now download any add-on by selecting its name.

Install from repository

14-Choose Kodil Repository

From the different options in the list, choose Kodil Repository.

Open kodil repository

15- Open Video Add-ons

You can open the video add-ons folder if you want to install them for videos, movies, or tv shows.

Kodil Video add-ons

16-Select any Add-ons to install

You will see various options for you to choose from. Kodil Repo offers a lot, so select any of them to install on your device.

Kodi Video Addons List


Get all the popular Kodi add-ons with Kodil Repo. Follow our guide to install any of the ones that you like. They will let you access tons of content like tv shows, movies, and many others.

Leave Your feedback or suggestions in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you!

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