10 Best Sports Add-ons for Kodi (Updated)

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Last Updated on March 22, 2020 by Jenny L

This post is about the best sports add-ons for Kodi. If you are looking to stream your favorite sports matches live on Kodi then you need a working addon. Here I’ve listed 10 most popular and 100% working sports add-on for Kodi. Check the list given below. 

Kodi is a fantastic community that provides endless entertainment for you. In order to access its services, you only need to install it on your device, and then select official or third-party Kodi add-ons according to your choice. Kodi is ineffective without a third party or official Kodi add-ons.

Different Kodi add-ons are available on the Internet which allows you to access different types of content. Add-ons are very easy to install, and it is also very easy to use the add-on on Kodi.

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In this article, we will try to prove the fact that Kodi is indeed a fantastic place for sports content by describing a few top-quality sports add-ons available right now on the Kodi library for all sports fans.

Best Sports Add-ons For Kodi

1- USTV Now


USTV Now is a fantastic Kodi add-on that gives you access to NBC as well as six other channels including Fox, ABC, and CBS, etc. One of the great features of this Kodi add-on is that in order to access basic NBC package you don’t need to spend a single penny.

By paying only $19.99, a world of sport opens up to you, with 29 channels including ESPN, ESPN 2 and NBC Sports, which will have you pretty well covered for NHL, NFL, and various other sports.

USTV Now is mainly suitable for watching NHL Hockey, NFL Sunday Night Football, Premier League, NASCAR, International Soccer, European Club Soccer (not Premier League), MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball, Cricket, Golf, and College Sports.

Follow this guide to install USTVNow Kodi Addon quickly.

2- Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is one of the leading sports Kodi add-ons which is mainly used in the US to watch all sorts of sports such as football, MLS soccer, MLB Baseball, UFC, and NBA.

This Kodi add-on is one of the most diverse, content-packed sports add-ons which streams HD resolution contents. You can easily find this add-on through the Official Kodi add-on Repository.

The Fox Sports Go add-on allows you to connect to your Fox Sports account by accessing your Live TV subscription service and using those login details. Once you get connected to the Fox Sports account, you will be able to stream both live games and on-demand content through the Fox Sports Go add-on.

One of the positive features of Fox Sports Go is that with this application you will face minimum buffering. Since this is a Fox add-on so by using this, you will be able to access top-quality sports coverage. Fox Sports Go is mainly suitable for watching MLS Soccer, MLB Baseball, UFC, NBA, and Supercross.

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3- Sportie

Sportie is one of the newer sports add-ons which offer a mix of different sporting events. It is mainly used to watch Soccer and Rugby, although you can even catch a fair bit of NFL too. Sportie is a wide-reaching Kodi add-on due to its good transatlantic selection of content.

In Sportie the quality of the streaming content may vary, but you if you search properly you will easily find HD quality streaming content. This add-on helps you to watch streaming content from all over the world such as the BBC’s coverage, which you can also find on iPlayer.

Another appreciating feature of this Kodi add-on is that it supports live Premier League coverage. So if you are present in a country that isn’t showing the Premier League matches, then you can just use this add-on for watching those live Premium League matches.

4- CCloud TV

cCloud TV is a Kodi add-on that contains a massive collection of sports content.  With the help of cCloud TV, you can add streams from all over the world so there are lots of International content including sports that you might not find in other Kodi add-ons.

The channel lists specify the country, so it is easy to use your VPN to make sure that you face no issues while watching the content. This add-on contains almost all the live IPTV sports channels.

cCloud TV can stream special sports channel for the USA and UK users although you can access cCloud TV sports channels from other regions as well.

5- Sports 365 Live

Sport 365 Live Kodi add-on is a unique live sports streaming add-on. It is one of the only active live sports add-ons which do not rely on SportsDevil, Plexus, or Live Resolver. If you are an actual sports lover, we can guarantee you that this add-on is perfect for you.

Sports 365 Live is a sports Kodi add-on that enables you to watch live sports. This Kodi add-on helps you to watch all sorts of NFL games like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, F1, Boxing, Biathlon, Cricket, handball, etc.

This add-on mainly provides live sports channels, but it also contains other categories apart from the live sports matches. Sports 365 Live is comparatively a new third-party Kodi add-on from the QWER repository. It streams all the channels from a well known IPTV internet site.

6- Maverick TV

Maverick TV has a vast collection of sports streaming choices although it mainly focuses on football and the NFL. Not only this Kodi add-on provides a direct link to watch live sports but also streams all the biggest sports channels which include more niche ones revolving around WWE and boxing.

Within this add-on, you will get HD quality sports channels although all the channels may not stream at 1080p. You can enjoy totally buffering free streaming experience with Maverick TV. This add-on has a straightforward interface, and thus you can operate it effortlessly.

Apart from streaming sports content Maverick TV also streams different types of movies, TV shows, music, and various other contents. So you must surely try to use this Kodi add-on.

7- Planet MMA

Planet MMA Kodi add-on is a branded UFC platform for some of the finest UFC related streaming contents. It helps you to watch UFC Fight Night, Fight Night Live, Contender Series, and Ultimate Fighter Series.

Planet MMA allows you to stream a large number of past UFC events, documentaries, and TV shows. Since this a comparatively old add-on so it is incredibly stable and comes with plenty of amazing content.

The most exciting feature of this add-on is that it can stream live shows which are very difficult to find on most of the other Kodi add-ons.

If you use this add-on, you will understand the importance of Planet MMA mainly when a UFC/MMA Tournament is around the corner or during the upcoming UFC season.

8- UK Turks Playlist

UK Turks is a fantastic Kodi add-on that can stream popular channels like the Golf Channel, Sky Sports, and NBC, etc. UK Turks provides a variety of contents that ranges from documentaries to sports channels.

The streaming quality of this Kodi add-on generally ranges from 480p to 1080p. It has a straightforward interface, and hence it is very easy to operate. This third-party add-on is present in the market for a very long time and has also managed to survive through the different versions of Kodi.

But at the moment in order to access any content of UK Turks you need to provide a PIN. This new feature is incorporated to strengthen the security of this add-on further.

9- Chronos

Chronos is a Kodi IPTV add-on that has separate sections for Live TV, Live Sports, HD Sports, Concerts, Movies, and radio, etc. This Kodi add-on has a dedicated sports section from where you can stream various live streaming content.

This is a comparatively new add-on, but still, it streams HD quality contents. It also has a straightforward interface, and hence you can easily operate Chronos.

This add-on receives regular updates, and thus it often brings new content categories. In Chronos, you will find that all the links are obtained from a public internet which is true for all other Kodi add-ons as well.

10- BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is an official Kodi add-on so you can easily download and install this add-on from the official repository. The BBC iPlayer service is only available to UK residents.

Although the BBC is well-known for its high-quality dramas, documentaries, and comedies, you will also find a good amount of live sports content as well.

This add-on offers various must-watch worldwide sporting events such as the World Cup or the Olympics. BBC iPlayer also streams a few NFL games.

If you travel outside the UK, it is difficult to access the services of BBC iPlayer due to Geo-restriction policy although you can avail the services of this add-on via a good VPN which needs to be connected to the UK server.


We tried our level best to highlight every essential feature of all add-ons which are listed here. Some are official add-ons while some are third-party add-ons, but in order to obtain maximum entertainment from Kodi, you need both types of add-ons.

If you go through this article properly, you will understand that although these Kodi add-ons might be iffy, and the streams might not be perfect, but still, they get the job done. These add-ons even help those people who don’t watch cable or network television to keep them updated regarding their favorite teams.

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