10 Best Music Add-ons for Kodi To Install on Firestick

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Last Updated on February 8, 2020 by Jenny L

Kodi is mainly famous for playing different types of movies and TV shows, but it can play high-quality music as well. Although this feature is not as popular as some other features of Kodi but if you are a true music lover you must try out some high-quality music add-ons that you can install on Kodi.

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You can install the music add-ons the same way as you install a video add-on from a repository. If you search for a music add-on, you will find that there are various music add-ons available on the Internet. It is tough to select the best music add-ons for Kodi as because there are so many options.

Therefore in this article, we will discuss a few top rated music add-ons for Kodi so that you can select the best option.

Best Music Add-ons for Kodi

1- SoundCloud


SoundCloud is a fantastic Kodi add-on which offers a wide range of audio options with a vast variety of music. This add-on can also be described as an online audio distribution platform that enables you to upload, record, promote and share your originally-created sounds.

An exciting feature of SoundCloud is that you can keep track of all the music that you listen on this Kodi add-on.

In order to access all the exciting features of SoundCloud, you need to first sign-in to the SoundCloud services. SoundCloud is one of the best options irrespective of the fact whether you want to discover new songs or you want to browse a whole new untouched genre.

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2- Beatz


Beatz is a new music add-on for Kodi which provides different varieties of music on your favorite Kodi media player software. This Kodi add-on contains music radio of all the leading countries, top artists, brands, top lists, etc.

This add-on comes with a lot of subsections which contains different categories of music videos, songs, and various other contents. Beatz is one of the best music add-ons for Kodi.  One of the great features of this add-on includes the fact that it contents large catalog and is suitable for finding out specific artist.

This add-on offers different kinds of music because it extracts all the information from the last FM and manages that information to provide up to date music contents. Beatz has a straightforward interface, and it is also very easy to install this add-on on Kodi.

3- YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music streams all the content directly from YouTube so the videos are of extremely high-quality and also the streams are fast and reliable. YouTube is a website that you generally use for listening to music and watching music videos.

So it is evident that by installing this simple add-on within Kodi you will be able to enjoy high-quality music videos and songs. This add-on is perfect for you if you want to know which hits are the biggest songs on the pop scenes.

This add-on is mainly famous for its new tunes and pop music contents rather than the old classic contents. It is very easy to install Youtube music on Kodi, and hence you can easily enjoy its services on Kodi.

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4- ThunderStruck


ThunderStruck is a perfect application for you if you are a real fan of classic rock or country music from the 80s although it has other genres music as well. This application is not suitable for you if you are planning to look for a specific artist as it does not have the biggest selection of artist.

One of the most exciting features that give it an upper hand from all other music add-ons is its music recommendations. After using this add-on for a few days, you will understand that this add-on is maintained by someone who has a huge love for music.

You must try out ThunderStruck if you are not quite sure what you want to listen or if you are looking for recommendations for a new artist that you can check out. This add-on has a very simple interface, and hence you can easily operate ThunderStruck on Kodi.

5- MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is the most famous music add-ons for Kodi. This add-on has a very straightforward interface, and hence you can easily operate MP3 streams for enjoying high-quality music video and top-quality music. This add-on allows you to download the music content to the storage memory of your device.

It contains a massive catalog of available music and also provides options for the favorite artist so that you can search your content as per your favorite artist. The only negative aspect of this music add-on is that within MP3 Streams you will find that few songs are incomplete.

But if you can overlook this issue, you will realize that this is one of the best music add-ons available for Kodi. MP3 Streams contains various interesting and popular music contents namely Google Play Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

The best part of this Kodi add-on is that you can perform a mixture of various songs which can be used for various entertainment purposes. MP3 Streams even allow you to add your favorite playlist into a new folder.

6- JukeBox Hero

Jukebox hero is another fantastic music add-on for listening to popular music.  It is basically a music Kodi add-on and is always available in the Super repository. This is an excellent application that helps you to play high-quality music endlessly.

Jukebox Hero has an extensive database that contains ten major categories which include Popular Vevo Playlists, UK Charts Playlists, US Charts Playlists, and many more. The Search feature is also available in this add-on which helps you to find your favorite music easily.

This add-on has a straightforward interface, and so it is very easy for you to operate this Kodi add-on. You can even install this add-on on Kodi very easily.

7- Jango

Jango is a remarkable application that is used to stream the latest hip-hop songs and other popular music of 2018.  Jango is one of the best Kodi music add-ons, and it can host a different variety of music. This well-known music add-on is famous for being one of the pioneers for introducing social media to stations.

Jango allows you to surf for your favorite songs from the top hundred and you can also search for any songs from many different genres. Through this music add-on, you will be able to filter your search by mentioning some specific artist.

Jango also contains mobile app through which you can play different categories of music on your phone as well. Once you sign up with Jango website your all the details like the favorite songs, watching history will get synchronized with your Kodi add-on.

8- Rave Player

The most exciting feature of Rave Player includes the fact that it offers a well-organized playlist. The playlist collection in this add-on is divided into different sections which include podcasts mix pates, oldskool rave tape, and oldskool pirate radio sets.

Apart from these sections it also contains another section which is known as Bangin rave tunes. This section is the place where you could use various popular DJ sets for entertainment purposes. It has a podcast section which allows you to watch videos while listening to audio content.

Few other playlist sections in the Rave player include jungle and drum n bass, oldskool radio, and hardcore, etc. Maximum users prefer this add-on only because of its simple and user-friendly interface.

9- House Mixes

House Mixes is an exciting music add-on for Kodi which contains a massive collection of music. You can access the services and a huge collection of music from the website housemixes.com. But in order to get uninterrupted access to the World of music, you will have to register yourself to housemixes.com.

Within this add-on, you will come across various tabs like latest, popular mixes, and trending. House Mixes can be utilized from the Metal Kettles repository, and you can search for any songs according to your wish and taste. It even contains featured tracks, latest tracks, popular mixes, and mixes by genre.

10- Music Box

Music Box is a fantastic Kodi add-on through which you can stream different types of music videos with the help of the Kodi, media player. This Kodi add-on comes with an extensive collection of music, and the playlist contains songs of different artists.

Some of the popular playlists in Music Box add-on includes Billboard lists, VK.com popular music, etc. Music Box has a straightforward interface, and it is also comparatively easy to install Music box on Kodi.

You can easily access this add-on as it is entirely free although you have to register yourself to the music box website in order to access the fantastic features of Music Box.


As promised at the beginning of this article we have described the top ten music add-on for Kodi. So you can try these add-ons with your Kodi for a better musical experience.

Almost all the add-ons that are mentioned above have a very straightforward interface, and it is also very easy to install these add-ons on Kodi. Hence by using these music add-ons, you can enjoy music without facing any issue.

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