How To Fix Kodi Buffering On Firestick

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Last Updated on November 2, 2020 by Jenny L
From a couple of days, many Kodi users reporting the buffering issue while using some popular add-ons. So, in this guide, I am going to help in fixing the Kodi buffering problem in a very quick manner. There could be many reasons due to which you are facing this error and I am explaining all of them one by one. Any glitch while watching our favorite movie or tv show is always annoying. Many Kodi users reported that they are getting the buffering issue on Kodi very frequently. In this guide, we are going to learn, how to fix Kodi buffering issue on the firestick device. The solution is temporary because this buffering issue is not dependent on single sources. First, we’ll see why my Kodi buffering very frequently and then I’ll teach you to step by step process to fix it.

Why Is My Kodi Buffering?

When you sit in front of your TV and played a streaming link but it keeps Buffering… Buffering… Buffering. This is the most annoying thing that I ever saw. But, one question might strike in your mind, why is my Kodi buffering? There are several reasons which might be causing Kodi buffering issue on your device. The most common reason for that is; your internet connection. You might be using a slower internet connection which leading to Kodi buffering very frequently. Though a slower internet connection is not solely responsible for Kodi buffering problem, there are several more reasons behind this. Some are listed below-
  1. Slower internet connection (a very common reason for Kodi buffering).
  2. Your Kodi cache size.
  3. Your current IP location.
  4. Your device hardware (very rarely).
In order to fix this buffering problem on Kodi, you have to be assured of everything, here you’re going to learn about all of the above reason along with fixes.

How To Fix Kodi Buffering?

Here are step by step process to rectify the reasons for Kodi buffering issue and how to fix it-

Reason #1- Slower Internet Connection:

A slower internet connection is a very frequent reason for Kodi buffering issue. It can be fixed by upgrading the Wifi plan. Many people asking that what is the minimum internet speed required for Kodi? There is no certain figure to answer this question because Kodi provides various quality video streaming links. Like, if you watch 4K HD quality videos then you must need strong internet connectivity as compared to 720p and 1080p HD videos to watch it without buffering. So, it’s all up to you and your requirement, just go to and check your current internet connection speed. In order to fix the Kodi buffering issue, you need to contact your internet service provider (ISP) and upgrade your plan to a higher speed. If you are willing to watch HD 720p videos then you need at least 5Mbps internet speed and for 4K HD quality you must need at least 25Mbps internet connection speed. Higher the internet speed, you’ll watch movies and tv shows clearly.

Reason #2- Your Kodi Cache size:

Another frequent reason for Kodi buffering is; your current cache size. The cache is an auxiliary memory in your system which fastens your computation. If you noticed while playing YouTube videos, a white space increasing forward. This is connecting your device with YouTube server and stores some data in cache memory so, as you ask for new data, it quickly being served from that auxiliary memory and won’t drive into the buffering issue. Similarly, Kodi cache is also continuously asked data from various video-streaming servers to store it in their auxiliary memory. If you haven’t set up your cache size properly then you will face Kodi buffering problem. You can increase your cache size in the following way. First of all, install Ares Wizard on Kodi by following this guide and then follow the steps given below-

Step-1: Launch Ares wizard

First of all, launch Ares wizard on your Kodi device and then go to tweaks. Refer to the image below for further details.

Fix Kodi Buffering

Step-2: Click On Tweaks

Once Ares Wizard fully loaded on your device, you’ll see the Tweaks option in the navigation bar.

How To Fix Kodi Buffering

Step-3: Select Advanced Settings Wizard

Now, go to Advanced Settings Wizard of Ares Addon to change some cache settings.

Kodi Buffer Fix

Step-4: Select Next

How To Fix Kodi Buffering On Firestick

Step-5: Choose Generate Settings

Fix Kodi Buffering Firestick

Step-6: Change Video Cache Size

According to your RAM size, Kodi will allocate Video Cache Size. The minimum requirement of cache size for Kodi is 60MB but you can allocate the maximum cache size as per your RAM size. Here I’ve applied 314MB cache and the minimum recommended value is 282MB. Just change it to the maximum value and click on Apply these settings.

Fix Kodi Buffering On Firestick

So, here you have extended your video cache size. Now, if you have a fast internet connection then Kodi will store the videos in this auxiliary memory and fix the buffering problem on Kodi. After performing these changes, don’t forget to shut down Kodi and restart again to apply changes properly.

Reason #3- Your Current IP Location:

Your current IP location is another reason to generate the Kodi buffer issue while playing videos. Various locations are banned to stream copyrighted videos and it’s risky too. So, change your device IP location to some other country. For that, you can install a good VPN for firestick. I recommend you to go for Express VPN because it’s the fastest and firestick supportable VPN I ever experience.

Visit Express VPN

Final Words:

So, there are three major reasons why you’re getting Kodi buffering problem and you can follow the above steps to fix each. Though, your internet speed and Kodi video cache size playing a lead role in your buffering trouble. So, first of all, check your internet speed and contact your ISP to upgrade the plan. Then, follow the next steps to fix the Kodi buffer issue. Use the comment box for any query…

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  1. I’ve installed Ares Wizard on our new Firestick, but I’m noticing that my available video cache is only 56mb at maximum. Why the huge difference from what you’re showing? And does this mean we won’t be able to use Kodi? We were able to watch one movie last week, but the rest have been constantly buffering.

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