10 Best KissAnime Alternatives

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Best KissAnime Sites

No doubt, streaming of Anime videos is made super easy by KissAnime. KissAnime is the best platform for your daily dose of favorite anime with full episodes both on PC and mobile. KissAnime has an extensive collection of anime videos that you can access online for free. There are numerous sites on the web for avid anime lovers that have a vast collection of anime.

Kissanime is by far the most popular anime websites, but it shut down back in 2017. This shutdown of Kissanime created havoc among anime lovers. But there are many alternative sites to Kissanime with great anime content and fanbase. The best part about KissAnime is that it does not ask for any kind of registration for its users.

The streaming is super fast for anime videos, which makes it very enjoyable to watch rather a binge-watch. You also have the option to choose to sign up on the website, and you can unlock more features. This way the viewers have the ability to create their playlist of the anime they want to watch, and they can also share it with their friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But if KissAnime doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty more websites for you.

Here are a few sites like KissAnime:

List of Sites Like Kissanime

  1. Animexd
  2. Masterani
  3. Gogoanime
  4. Animeseason
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. AnimeLab
  7. Animefreak
  8. AnimePark
  9. HorribleSubs
  10. Because.moe

Best KissAnime Alternatives

1- Animexd:

One of the best replacements to Kissanime is Animexd, which you should check out right now. This site has an extensive library of anime series, which is said to have more content than KissAnime. Kissanime didn’t have much HD content, but with Animexd, you get to watch a lot more HD content, this enhances the viewing experience much more. On Animexd, there’s an online chat option that lets you share your thoughts with other viewers.

If you compare Animexd with other sites, you’ll find that Animexd is much more premium and content-rich. Animexd users can register and log in by creating a personal account for free. Animexd has a trending section where you will find the most loved and watched anime on the sidebar.  Animexd has a clean, clutter-free layout that other sites do not offer.

2- Masterani:

This one too is a renowned alternative to Kissanime. Masterani has a vast collection of fantastic anime shows in comparison to the other similar sites. The viewers have the option to choose between the newly uploaded and the most popular anime shows from the thumbnail that are displayed on the homepage of the website.

Masterani uses the search history of every user of theirs to predict the recommendations, which is a beautiful feature, it’s so custom made and you can watch shows that you would like. This will reduce the risk of wasting time on a show that you may not like. You also get to create your anime playlists, and you can also download them to watch later. A lovely new age feature that Masterani has is a button that teleports you to the original anime title every time you click on it. This is a great way to find new anime titles.

3- Gogoanime:

Gogoanime’s home page displays different categories such as Anime List, New Series, Movies, and Cartoons which makes it a very user-friendly experience for binge-watching anime. Gogoanime’s search feature is super fast, and it displays results in a matter of minutes. Gogoanime, too has a large selection of anime shows, which also include video clips, manga, etc.

A great feature that Gogoanime has for its international viewers is that it has anime shows with English dubbing. But the English dubbed anime series are to be found in a different section. All the anime have dubbed & subbed tag to find out the type of anime for international users easily. You can also see the number of episodes of each series below.

4- Animeseason:

This site is rather new in the field of anime, but it has grabbed a lot of attention and recognition in a short period. They have become famous so soon because of the fantastic service that they provide for anime watchers. The website is user-friendly and not difficult to use. Animeseason lets the users vote for their favorite anime.

This voting process enables the website to decide the best shows to be put on the most popular TV shows category. This is what gives avid anime lovers the power to determine whether the shows are worth watching or not.

The bar on the left gives you a look at all the ongoing anime series while the bar on top of the website shows all the latest uploaded episodes. Animeseason shows the list of all the anime with the votes of the users. This is the best option for people who can’t decide what to watch.

5- Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll for anime lovers is definitely on the top 5 list. Crunchyroll has almost every anime series under the sun that you can imagine. You’ll be able to see the anime show titles on the website in the form of a slideshow, which also shows the latest uploads and the most-watched titles as well. If you take the premium membership, you will be able to use the free trial period.

Crunchyroll, like other anime websites, will have anime shows sorted into different categories such as the most popular category or most-watched category and more. The user search for the wanted anime show from the alphabetical list. Now, if you want a vast array of shows, you’ll have to opt for premium membership as the free membership users get the limited number of shows.

6- Animelab:

Animelab is very well known and functional in Australia and New Zealand only. The most significant feature about Animelab is that it has dubbed versions of many anime shows, this makes it easy for people to watch shows in their language of preference without having to use subtitles. But, all the shows have subtitles for users who prefer subtitles.

Like the other sites we’ve mentioned, Animelab comes with freemium and premium plans. With a small amount as subscription fees, any anime geek can enjoy all the anime shows available without any interruptions.

7- Animefreak:

Animefreak is a very easy and user-friendly site with many anime shows. They are categorized and sorted into a vast number of subcategories that users can easily access from the home page of Animefreak.

The categories displayed on the website are categorized into anime list, browse by genre, anime a-z, latest episodes, latest anime, popular anime, and much more. Apart from watching anime on Animefreak, you can also read a wide variety of manga, watch k-dramas, etc.

8- AnimePark:

AnimePark is another very high platform to find anime that you have been looking for. This website has a straightforward user interface, all you have to do is open the site, you will be able to find everything super easily as AnimePark as a website is so visual and easy to use. The home page, like the other sites, has all the latest episodes and trending anime shows, and the popular shows are placed right in front of you.

The best part about AnimePark is that it has a search bar, so you do not have to search everywhere for the show you want to watch. All you have to do is type the name of the anime show that you want to watch on the search bar, and the results will be right there in front of you. You also get to see the ongoing series and also look check out the popular shows all listed right there.

AnimePark is free and does not ask for identification proof and is completely hassle-free. AnimePark also allows you to download episodes for free on your phone, which is such a great feature for people who prefer using their phones. You can also download complete series and whole seasons within minutes.

But you need good WiFi connection for downloading entire seasons and series, and you can then watch your favorite anime on your phone or laptop anywhere and everywhere and on the go.

You get to know about animes based on the time frame. Thus you can easily find the recent and latest uploaded anime on AnimePark. You can find and watch any anime under the sun on AnimePark, which is why it is different from all the other websites for all the right reasons. You, without a doubt, can find everything you ever wanted to watch here. This one’s a definite go-to for all anime lovers out there.

19- HorribleSubs:

HorribleSubs is excellent if you want to watch some quality anime. The homepage of HorribleSubs is somewhat smaller than other websites, which tend to have a lengthy list of anime. Still, you can find a fantastic set of anime quality of content-wise in the library of HorribleSubs. HorribleSubs is full of the new you as well as the old anime series. HorribleSubs has an array of anime in every genre. Doesn’t matter what you like, you’ll surely find it on HorribleSubs. And you can also test out new genres on HorribleSubs. You’ll be far from bored once you visit HorribleSubs.

You can also comment on the series and have conversations about the series with people from all over the world. You can discuss fan theories and talk about every episode, how the show is progressing. Essential plot points that were especially moving according to your opinion. You can also check the schedule to know about upcoming movies, and you can also download series and movies. HorribleSubs is excellent for people who prefer to download videos and then watch them at their convenience without having to buffer. This website is better preferred for downloading rather than streaming online. You can also pick the quality of content depending on your internet speed and capacity.

10- Because.moe:

Because.moe for clarification is not an anime streaming site but is an anime streaming search engine. Because.moe helps you to find out which site has the best quality anime for you to watch. This is wonderful because you won’t have to spend hours on the internet searching for yourself. All you have to do it search for the anime that you want to watch, and you will quickly get the link for the website from where you can watch it, and then you can easily stream it from the given link. Because.moe provides links to best anime streaming sites like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Final Words

Now that we’ve informed you of 10 best KissAnime alternatives, you won’t have to worry about finding the anime shows and movies you want to watch. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you belong to, anime and manga series will be available to all parts of the world. The above-listed alternative sites offer content dubbed in English subbed and dubbed versions, which is excellent for many users. These sites are free and safe to use, so watch all your favorites without any worry. These sites are the best for being able to read and watch lovely stories of manga and anime, or bingeing on them. You will definitely not be disappointed.


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