How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Cube

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Last Updated on March 13, 2020 by Jenny L

Jailbroken Fire TV Cube can save your $100 of monthly subscription bills. For that, you don’t need to buy a jailbroken Fire TV Cube or Firestick. You can do all within 2 minutes. I mean, you can jailbreak Fire TV Cube within 2 minutes from now.

If you too want to know- HOW?

Jailbreak Fire TV Cube in just 2 minutes and enjoy benefits if Jailbroken FireTV Cube.

In an earlier tutorial, I’ve guided you; How to Jailbreak Firestick and today I am telling you about Fire TV Cube.

Benefits of Fire TV Cube Jailbreaking

Those who are not satisfied with the picture quality of Firestick, Amazon brought Fire TV Cube for them. Fire TV Cube is a recently launched media streaming device on Amazon. This is a better replacement for FireTVstick. However, the data consumption will increase from your WiFi.

But, what if you need to pay the subscriptions every month, even if there is an option. Yes, I am talking about Fire TV Jailbreaking.

You can jailbreak your Fire TV cube to watch thousands of movies and tv shows free of cost.

Is Fire TV Cube Jailbreaking is illegal?

Is Firestick or Fire TV Cube Jailbreaking is illegal? Here my answer is a BIG NO…

Because, here in this method, I am not going to teach you anything with playing code hardware of Fire TV Cube or Firestick. All I am teaching you is installing some additional apps which offer free movies and tv shows streaming. It means, Firestick Jailbreaking is completely legal with my methods.

However, some apps fetching copyrighted materials from various source and piracy is a serious illegal cybercrime. Your ISP is tracking your data, and I recommend you to use a good VPN on your Firestick to protect your data. Once you Jailbreak Fire TV, you can access an ocean of free movies, tv shows and videos.

Follow the steps given below to Jailbreak Fire TV within 2 minutes.

How to Jailbreak Fire TV Cube?

Follow this guide to jailbreak fire tv cube by installing Kodi-

Step- 1: Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Launch your Fire TV after connecting all the necessary cables. Go to Settings> Device> Developers option> then Allow Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Install Kodi On firestick 6
Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources

Step- 2: Go to Search option

Firestick Search

Step- 3: Type “Downloader”

Install Downloader App on firestick

Step- 4: Open Downloader

Install Kodi On firestick 10

Step- 5: Enter Download URL

Here you need to download Aptoid TV for Firestick then you can install Kodi from Aptoid TV store.

URL 1-  (Direct Download Link) < Recommended

URL 2- 


Step- 6: Select OK or Enable JavaScript

Aptoid TV Install

Step- 7: Wait… Aptoid TV Apk is downloading

Aptoid TV Install

Step- 8: Select Install

How to Install Aptoid TV

Step- 9: Again Select Install

Install Aptoid TV on Firestick

Step- 10: Wait… Aptoid TV is installing

Wait for the next 20 seconds to fully install Aptoid TV on Fire TV Cube.

Install Aptoid TV App

Step- 11: Open Aptoid TV

Aptoid TV Installed

Finally, you have installed Aptoid TV on Fire TV. Basically, Aptoid is a world’s most popular third-party application store for Android phones. And Aptoid TV is a brainchild of Aptoid App store developer which made installing third-party apps on Android Smart TV’s very easy and simple.

So, here we are going to install Kodi and a couple of more apps on Fire TV Cube which offers free watching movies and tv shows. So let’s start the real game now.

#1- Installing Kodi from Aptoid TV App Store

Installing Kodi on Fire TV is the most popular method of Fire TV Jailbreaking. Here we are not modifying any codes and in Fire TV BIOS. Kodi is a legal app for watching free movies and tv shows. It has got the largest ocean of movies and tv shows. So, we are installing Kodi on Fire TV Cube.

However, some best Kodi add-ons are offering copyrighted streaming links. So, I recommend you to get a secure VPN for Kodi so that you can hide your activity from your ISP. I strongly recommend using Express VPN because it’s fastest among all VPN providers. So, you won’t face any buffering issue with this VPN.

Step- 1: Open Aptoid TV and Look for Kodi

Go to your Apps list on your Fire TV and open Aptoid TV. Now, look for Kodi or directly search in the search bar.

Install Kodi on Fire TV

Step- 2: Select Install

Install Kodi on Fire TV Cube

Step- 2: Select Install

Kodi for Fire TV Cube

Step- 2: Select Install

Jailbreak Fire TV Cube

Kodi has been installed on your Amazon Fire TV Cube. Now, you need to install some Kodi Addons for Movies and TV Shows. Here’s an updated list of Top Kodi Addons.

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  1. My Chromebook doesn’t have the Allow Apps from Unknown Sources Option. The closest I come is being able to add it in as an unblocked URL. How do I do this on my Chromebook?

    1. i have done everything per instructions .. but when i click to install Kodi TV nothing happens …. so what do i do now … ?????

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