Official YouTube TV is Released For Fire TV Devices, Here’s Installation Guide

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YouTube TV Firestick

In this guide, I’ll show you the step by step process to install YouTube TV on FireStick. Now, YouTube TV is supporting 2nd and 3rd generation of Fire TV devices. It includes Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, FireStick, and Fire TV Stick 4K. The same tutorial also works on all Amazon devices.

Update- The official YouTube TV App is recently launched for Amazon Fire TV devices. Earlier, some third-party applications (like Smart YouTube TV & Live YouTube TV) were supporting Fire TV Stick, but it was started causing some issues to few users. Now all FireStick users can install the official version of the YouTube TV app from the Amazon Store.

Google announced the official YouTube TV app for Amazon Fire TV devices. On 30th September 2019, Amazon made YouTube TV app live on FireStick Store. So, instead of pairing any third-party app to watch YouTube TV, you can directly install the official app from the Amazon App Store.

Note- YouTube TV is not available at all countries/locations. You might not find the official app if it’s not available for your location. In that case, you can use Express VPN or continue using a third-party app for YouTube TV streaming.

How To Install YouTube TV on FireStick?

Follow these steps to install official YouTube TV on Firestick

1: Open Firestick

Just plug-in all the cables and turn on Firestick and your TV. Also, connect your Firestick with a working WiFi network. Once your device will be connected to the internet, you’ll see this kind of user interface.

Firestick Homepage

2: Go to the Search option

Using your Fire TV Remote, go to the search option of Firestick. You can download millions of apps from the Amazon App Store.

Firestick Search Option

3: Type “YouTube TV”

In the search option, type- “YouTube TV” (without quotes) with the help of your Fire TV Remote and select “YouTube TV”.

How to install YouTube TV on Firestick

4: Select YouTube TV

Select YouTube TV from the list of various apps. It might possible that you can’t find it if YouTube TV is not available for your Country/City.

YouTube TV for Firestick

5: Select Download

Here you will see a “Download” button. If you’re installing it for the first time, you’ll see the “Get” option. Just select that to begin the installation.

YouTube TV FireStick App

6: Wait…

Just wait for a few seconds. The application is downloading on your Firestick device. It may take up to 50 seconds to download and install.

Steps to install YouTube TV app on Firestick

7: Open YouTube TV

Congratulations! The official YouTube TV app has been installed on your device. Select to ‘Open’ to launch YouTube TV now and login with your account.

How to install YouTube TV on Firestick

8: Login to YouTube TV account and enjoy

The last step is, follow the instructions on your TV screen to login with YouTube TV account and enjoy unlimited cable-free TV on FireStick device.

YouTube TV Home


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4 thoughts on “Official YouTube TV is Released For Fire TV Devices, Here’s Installation Guide”

  1. After downloading and installing On my Firestick 4K YouTube and YouTube TV both show a cloud with a sad smile and “can’t connect right now”. I have a strong WiFi signal and YouTube runs fine on my iPad on the same network. Any ideas?

    1. Go to Settings> Applications> Manage Installed Apps> Select YouTube TV and Clear Data. After that, Login with your YouTube TV account detail and see.

  2. I have several fire sticks and a fire tv. I am able to find the official app on some of the sticks and the fire tv bit on a couple of the fire sticks the official app will not show. When I search for it there is only regulare YouTube and then other 3rd part apps. I have checked the zip code. I am in the US.

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