How To Fix Error On Kodi 18.6

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Last Updated on July 8, 2020 by Jenny L

While reading various question-answers sites, I noticed that many Kodi users experiencing stream authorization. So, in this tutorial post, I am going to tell you the step by step methods to fix this Kodi pair issue on 18.6 (Leia). I’ve included all the necessary screenshots for your convenience. I tried my best to explain it to you in the easiest way. So, please don’t forget to write your feedback in the comment box.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to fix stream authorization on Kodi. But, before that, I recommend you to get a VPN for faster and hustle-free streaming. A VPN will hide your privacy and streaming activities from any third-party and ISP. A VPN plays a crucial role in fixing errors like and or etc…

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After or and or stream authorization, people are encountering another error while using various popular Kodi add-ons are- stream authorization. In this tutorial, we are going to fix stream authorization error on Kodi 18.6 (Leia).

Kodi is offering enormous opportunities to movies and tv shows lovers to watch their favorite movies or tv shows category. This is an open-source media center application which supports almost all the popular operating systems. Kodi allows developers to build scripts aka Kodi add-ons to extend the streaming experience. Various Kodi add-ons started asking for a PIN or pairing process to balance the request loads on their servers.

What is stream authorization?

The is an extremely popular video server that holds the database of millions of movies, videos, and tv shows. It’s a cross-platform video sharing website that allows users to upload any videos and share them online. is basically the short form of “video share“. In order to prevent the spamming or overloading of the server, the developers started asking to pair your device with to access the contents.

Various Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, Nemesis, Neptune Rising, Placenta, etc. are using web servers to scraps the contents from there using Python and other scripting language codes. Whenever you click on any streaming link which is offered by this server, you’ll be asked to pair your IP address and a message will pop up like this stream authorization.

How To Fix stream authorization error on Kodi?

Method- 1: Fix stream authorization by pairing your IP address

By pairing your IP address with, you’ll be able to fix this stream authorization error for the next four hours. After this time period, you can repeat the same process to fix this error.

Follow these steps to fix stream authorization on Kodi 18.6-

Step- 1: Connect your VPN

Kodi add-ons offer hundreds of copyrighted streaming links to users. Without using a strong VPN software, it’s not advisable to access those links else you might be driven in trouble. First of all, connect the VPN on your device and select your desired country location to replace your IP.

Step- 2: Open a Browser

In order to pair your IP address with webserver, you need a web browser. I’m using a Chrome browser on my various devices because it offers tons of features. So, I open Chrome on my device in order to pair with hosting server.

Chrome Browser

Step- 3: Open

Open to the URL bar and type the following web address- on your address bar. pair

Step- 4: Click on Active Streaming

Once the web address is fully loaded on your web browser, you need to click on the Active Streaming button given at the bottom of the page. pair activate streaming

Step- 5: Close the browser

You’ll see a message on your display that, your IP address 123.456.021.789 was just paired with VideoShare for few hours. You are now able to use VideoShare on 3rd party applications. Once you see this, close your browser and open Kodi to stream that link. Now, you will not face pair stream authorization error for the next 4 hours. paired


  • Don’t turn off your internet connection in between else you again need to follow the process from step 1.
  • Don’t disable your VPN in between.
  • Don’t change your IP address.

Final Words

All those Kodi users, who are using free VPN are recommended to buy a premium VPN which supports faster streaming. Free VPN usually offers dynamic IP, which means every few minutes you will be allocated a new IP address. In this case, you can’t able to fix stream authorization error on Kodi.

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25 thoughts on “How To Fix Error On Kodi 18.6”

  1. This does not work. It says it paired but the screen still pops up saying this sight need authorization and pair my device.

  2. .pair site arte SCAM and unsage They know your IP address once you pair L O O K O U T

    I changed my network ID, uninstalled KODI, then reinstalled, never to pair agAI, NOT WORTH IT

  3. KrakalakaDingdong

    Says I’m paired but then I’m still getting asked. And yes I’m using a vpn. It does the same thing weather or not I’m connected.

  4. I followed your advice to the letter and have been using a premium VPN for months, ensured it was on, and STILL received the message.

  5. Frustrating to say the very least. Hours spent trying to resolve this issue. It seems to also override my paid debridmservices too. Sucks, I have NordVPN on or off it doesnt fix it. Configured url resolvers to disable vshare again to no avail. My French, pleaseexcuse, is getting mich better,with use.

  6. There is no way to stop vshare. They are holding everybody hostage so they get a click count. I’ll toss my box in the garbage and pay for netflix before I allow them to run my life.

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