How To Fix Error On Kodi

How To Fix & Error on Kodi

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Are you getting pair streaming authorization pop-up while streaming your favorite movies or tv shows on Kodi? Here in this tutorial, I am going to show you a step by step process to fix and error permanently. Just follow this tutorial until the end…

You might be enjoying Kodi on your device for the streaming purposes but lots of people reported that they are getting pairing issues with various Kodi add-ons. and are the most frequent error that every popular Kodi add-ons users experiencing from the past few weeks.

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On the request of many of our readers, I am writing this tutorial to fix pair and pair error on Kodi 18.5. You might be sawed some tutorials on this but, here in this tutorial, you are going to read the easiest steps to fix both of these errors permanently and also temporarily.

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What are and

Kodi users telling that, they are getting pairing error regularly but the actual fact is a bit different. These are not an error, but it’s just a method to provide better streaming experience to users. is one of the biggest database servers which consist of millions of movies, videos, and tv shows.

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Millions of users streaming those movies and videos on a daily basis. Now, it became an extremely tough task to handle such a huge request for any server. Many Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, Nemesis, Placenta, etc. are using the python codes and scripts to find the direct streaming links from such kind of video servers. In order to prevent the misuse of resources, developers started asking to pair a device to watch videos.

This way, they are verifying that the request generated by a human, not bot or scripts and everyone will get equal opportunity. Once you pair your device with or web servers, you can access the contents for 4 hours. After 4 hours, your authorization will be expired and again you need to pair with server.

How To Fix and Error on Firestick?

Are you using Kodi on Firestick? And getting or stream authorization error frequently?


Then… Follow these steps quickly…

First of all replace your IP address using a VPN for safe and private streaming. Express VPN is the best VPN for Kodi and Firestick. Follow this guide to install Express VPN on Firestick.

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  1. Go to Firestick Settings using the right button on your remote.
  2. Select My Fire TV option there.
  3. Go to Developer Options.
  4. Enable USB Debugging and Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  5. Back to Firestick Home.
  6. Select the Search option (Magnifying glass icon).
  7. Search Silk Browser.
  8. Select Download.
  9. Open Silk Browser.
  10. Type this URL in the address bar (Make sure you enabled a VPN before entering this)-
  11. Now, solve “I’m Not a Robot” captcha.
  12. Then select “Pair“.
  13. Back to Home.

Enjoy streaming without any interruption for the next four hours. Again, you need to follow the same steps after four hours.

How To Fix and Error on Kodi?

There are multiple methods to fix and error for Kodi users. Some of them are mentioned below-

Method- 1: Fix error by pairing your IP address (For Windows)

The most simple and flexible method to fix the pair issue by pairing your IP address with their servers.  Though this is not a permanent solution to this, you can watch your favorite movies or tv shows from servers.

Follow these steps to pair your IP address with

Step- 1: Enable your VPN

It is always recommended to must use a VPN which provides a stable IP address. Express VPN and IPVanish are two superfast VPN services for Kodi and Firestick which provides a stable IP address for trouble-free streaming. First of all, enable a VPN on your device.

Express VPN

Step- 2: Open a Web Browser

Now, you need to open a web browser that supports HTML5 and all the latest scripts. Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox are the most advanced browser which supports all the latest scripts and codes.

Chrome Browser

Step- 3: Enter in the URL bar

Go to the URL address bar of your browser and type the following URL. Once you open on your browser, your public IP is visible on the screen. You need to pair that in order to stream all the contents from and other similar hosters. pair

Step- 4: Check I’m not a robot Box

Now you need to prove that, you are a human, not a robot. For that, you have to verify the captcha by checking the box “I’m not a robot pair fix

Step- 5: Hit the Pair button

Once you verify the captcha, you’ll see a blue tick mark in the I’m not a robot box. After that, you have to hit the Pair button. pairing

Step- 6: Close the browser

Voila! You have successfully paired your IP address with and web servers. You will see a successful message on your screen. Now, close the browser and go to Kodi add-ons to enjoy uninterrupted streaming for the next 4 hours. Make sure, you are not disabling your IP address in between. pairing successful

Your device IP address has been successfully paired with servers. Now, you can stream all the movies, videos and tv shows from

Note- Don’t disable or change your IP address in the next 4 hours else you’ll again face the pair issue on your Kodi device. If you do so, then again repeat the process from step 1 to step 6.

Method- 2: Fix error by disabling hosters with captcha (Permanent Fix)

Another method to fix the pair issue on Kodi is; disable all those streaming links which are asking for captcha verification. For this, we need to disable the hosters with captchas in add-ons settings. Follow the steps below-

Step- 1: Open Exodus Add-on

I am a big fan of Exodus and Covenant Kodi add-ons. So, I’ll take the example of Exodus Kodi add-on to fix the stream authorization issue. First of all open Kodi on your device then go to Add-ons> Video Add-ons> then Exodus.

Open Exodus

Step- 2: Go to Tools

When you open Exodus add-on, you’ll see an option called Tools inside the dashboard. Other add-ons might not have this option but you’ll see Settings in Covenant and many other Kodi add-ons. Click on Tools as shown below.

Exodus Tools

Step- 3: Select SETTINGS: Providers

You have to open the Providers settings of Exodus Kodi addon. Refer to the image below-

Providers Settings

Step- 4: Disable Hosters With Captchas

Scroll down in providers settings and disable hosters with captchas option from the dashboard. After disabling, hit OK to save the setting and reload Exodus.

Hosters with captchas

Now reload the Exodus add-ons and start streaming your favorite movies and tv shows. Now, all those streaming links will not be fetched by Kodi which asking for pairing or captcha verifications. Now, you’ll no longer be asked to pair with to access streaming links.

Final Words

There are two methods to fix the pair issue on Firestick (Kodi). The first is a temporary solution in which you’ll be able to watch all the videos for 4 hours. The second one is the permanent solution but if you disable hosters with captchas then you’ll miss a lot of movies and tv shows streaming links in 4K HD quality. So, over the permanent fix, I would rather go with the first method to fix or error on Kodi.

If you still facing any issues, feel free to write in the comment box. We’ll get in touch with you shortly and fix your problem personally. Moreover, some great VPN deals you can expect on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.



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32 thoughts on “How To Fix & Error on Kodi”

    1. Hi Ann,
      If the IP address of your phone and your tv are same then you can pair with your phone also. Make sure, your Phone and TV are connected to the same Wifi network.

    2. Yes I don’t have a smart tv so I do it on my android phone and 9 out of 10 times it works and I can watch films on my firestick no problem

    1. From main page of your build click system then click addons video addons and open them up one by one your video addons that is and scroll down until you see an option that allows you to enable or disable the links thst pair. Simply click on them making sure your Disabling them and not enabling them. Save settings move on to the next one and go down your list and do same process for all.

  1. I’ve tried both methods. When I disable boosters with captcha they still show and up. And when I go to I get a pop up and a prompt on the original window that say pair was unsuccessful. EVERY TIME! Very aggravating since I haven’t had this issue until the last couple of weeks. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Are you connected to a WiFi networks?
      If yes, connect your smartphone to the same network and pair your IP address.
      After that, you use it for the next four hour’s.

  2. The permanent solution did not seem to do anything. I left it in place and did the temporary fix and it worked perfectly.
    Thank you for keeping it simple to understand and implement.

    If you have a moment, I would like your opinion on the best build for a fire stick and Kodi version

  3. This really is another great way to get a experience for a machine and check how the pay-outs
    assess to previous quantities staked.

  4. This so called fix is is just BS, they’ve fixed it where you have to pay yo use there servers, might as well go back to cable or satellite. Kodi is basically useless now unless you pay.

    1. Hello . its simple u have your device thats on same Wi-Fi as your phone u go to the olpair with ur phone then u pair it on that u have to wait for the check mark to show up on the captcha and then pair it and the olpair thing will dissapear and then the show will eventually play . and then once ur paired u only select links that r openload ones . sometimes things just don’t work but u dont have to buy a VPN unless u want to mask ur ip address or u live in a building where its possible for your ip to be leeched off of. I really hope this helps because I struggled with it but have learnt the olpair one and its always better then the other pairs( except debrid)

  5. Hey, my phone is permanently stuck on paired. I’ve tried to clear all my data on Google and chrome. I also rest my brower history on both ends too. I’m trying to watch a movie, but it won’t load it until I pair with the problem is my phone says I’m paired. I’ve tried multiple times to exit out and type the whole thing out. Still not working ????????

  6. Hi,

    Stupid question alert:

    If you’re using a VPN through your firestick and the same VPN on your mobile device (can’t connect VPN through router- long story) will pairing work if you use your mobile phone (or other device connected to VPN) to get rid of this ungodly message and solve the problem?

  7. Clicking “I”m not a robot” does nothing but make the wheel spin. The last time I let it spin for an hour before I shut openload down.

    1. If your Phone and Kodi, both are on same IP address then you can pair it by following the above process.
      Don’t connect VPN, if you are pairing on Phone but running Kodi on Firestick or Windows.

  8. since I have done the pairing thing ( first method) now I get “you have a virus” alerts from the third party crap thats associated with olpair WTH?

    1. I don’t have a smart tv so i do it on my android phone and 9 out of 10 times it works and I can watch films on my firestick no problem

    2. I am getting pop ups, wanting me to down load, etc. I can’t even check the box… it goes right to these pop up ads and apps. What an I doing wrong?

  9. I’m following the instructions and when I click on ” …not a robot” it goes right to a page that wants me to add an extension or download. Nothing about pairing the device. What is going on??

  10. This is really starting to aggravate the hell outta me I’m using Kodi on my Xbox one and it use to work just fine and now Everytime I try to watch anything I get this message directing me to go online to pair my device or whatever so I go to the link it tells me to from my phone and it use to work but now all I get is these ads popping up over top of the actual page I need to be on and they won’t go off of it an if I keep hitting my back button it’ll take me out of the page completely an I don’t even get to pair my device I’m so frustrated and an about to just say the hell with it and uninstall it all together but I really don’t want to becuz when it will work I love it. ????

  11. Kevin Microsoft

    When you check the box, “I am not a robot”, it activated a popup, which installs a virus. Despite all this, in the fourth try you usually can get the box checked and click the button. After I get a message that says it is paired, it isn’t paired. I still get the message saying it needs to pair with my Fire Stick. It doesn’t last 4 hours, it doesn’t last 30 seconds.
    If I use my VPN it says that that IP address isn’t valid, and asks me to prove that I am not a robot by doing a captcha, so that I can get to that “I’m not a robot” screen.
    On top of that there are other times when you don’t pair with olpair and it plays the movie., and the pairing process are just to get a virus on your phone or on your computer, or to get dummies to install a VPN.
    Remember, with or without a VPN your ISP can always tell where you’re going on the internet. Most browsers track you so you have to use a browser that protects you from tracking as well, and then you’re going to have to do a captcha on most websites, so they can have access to your computer and install a cookie so that they can track you.

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