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How to fix pair stream authorization Kodi

This another Kodi troubleshooting guide and in this guide, I’ll tell you- how to fix and stream authorization error on Kodi. It’s quite annoying that if we are planning to watch our favorite movie or tv shows and suddenly Kodi addons start poping such error before streaming. So, here I am guiding you to fix and error permanently. Whether you are using Kodi on Firestick or Fire TV Cube, or any other OS; the same steps are applicable among all the devices.

What is

Kodi is the most popular media streaming application and it’s being used globally for a long time. Millions of people install this software on Android, Windows, Fire OS, Roku, Raspberry, iOS, macOS, and Linux. Everyone using Kodi for streaming movies and tv shows. There are thousands of addons powering Kodi and giving it sources to stream movies and shows.

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These Kodi add-ons using various scripts and programming codes to find movies or shows online. is one of the popular video hosting services. It has a huge database of movies and tv shows. Various Kodi add-ons using it to provide streaming links. They are using automated scripts (called scrappers) to automate such tasks.

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As I told earlier, Kodi is a world popular software and is used by millions of people. When millions of devices try to establish a connection with servers, then it’ll down and crashed. Because they don’t have enough resources and server bandwidth to handle huge requests.

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So, they started users to pair their IP addresses manually. This method is called pairing and it’s temporary. It means, once you pair your IP address to, you can watch for 3 hours. And it’s enough time to watch a movie at a time.

How to fix Stream authorization?

In the above paragraph, I told you about https// pairing. So, now let’s move to the tutorial.

Follow these steps to fix stream authorization on Kodi-

  1. First of all, connect your device to a VPN server. (I rec0mmend Express VPN)
  2. Now, open a web browser. (I prefer Google Chrome)
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the Sign-Up button.
  5. Enter a Username, Email Address, Name, and other details. (Leave payment details blank)
  6. Now. Click on the Register option.
  7. Now go to your email account and click on the verification link.
  8. Again, type in your web browser tab.
  9. Solve the captcha.
  10. Click on Pair button.

That’s it! Your IP address has been successfully paired with the flashx web server. Now, you can stream anything for next 3 hours.

Easy steps to fix error

1- Connect to a VPN

In order to get rid of stream authorization error, you need a VPN. Because it’s not safe to open such websites without a VPN. Also, I never recommend watching Kodi without a VPN. I am using Express VPN because it’s fast and super secure for Kodi and Netflix.

Express VPN Connected

2- Open a web browser

I am using Google Chrome because it supports all advanced scripts. If your device doesn’t have this, use any web browser to pair your IP.

Go to and Sign Up for an account.

How to fix Pair Error

3- Enter account details

Here you have to enter a username, email address, and password. Fill all the information correctly then hit the Register button.

4- Confirm email address

Here you have successfully created an account for server. Now, go to your email account and click on the verification link sent by the team. Pair on Kodi

5- Account confirmed

Account has been verified. Now again enter this URL in your web browser- stream authorization on Kodi

6- Pair your IP address

Here you can see your IP address is mentioned. Now, just verify the captcha and click on the PAIR NOW button. That’s it, your IP address will be paired with server. Then head over to Kodi and enjoy streaming movies or tv shows.

How to solve stream authorization on Kodi





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