How To Fix FireStick Remote Not Working Issues Quickly

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Last Updated on April 1, 2020 by Jenny L

Amazon Firestick Remote Not Working? Don’t worry, here I’ll share with you 3 new methods to solve firestick remote not working problem…

Relax…! I also went through this situation… When my Alexa voice remote for firestick stopped working and I was watching my favorite movie.

In between, I had to go to the toilet and tried to push the movie but my firestick remote didn’t respond. I switched off the power button hoping that it will fix everything but nothing happened. I struck the firestick remotes with hand but nothing happened. Now, I understand there is some problem and I have to fix it.

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If your firestick remote not working properly then you can look at the following methods. Here, I am sharing the three working methods to fix Amazon Fire TV remote not working problems. There are several causes due to which your remote not working along with its solution.

Let’s proceed…

Firestick Remote Not Working

I’ve figured out several problems that cause firestick remote not to respond/pair with your Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube. Let’s check it step by step.

Firestick Remote Not Working

1- Firestick remote batteries might be dead

Alexa voice remote for Amazon firestick causes fast battery-power drainage. Your remote battery drainage is the most frequent reason why firestick remote not working with your device. It fails in pairing and sometimes not responds. So, I firstly prefer to check it my firestick battery is not out of charge.

Even, you’ll get a notification that your firestick remote battery is low. Normally, the firestick battery lasts for about five to seven weeks (depends upon usage). Once Amazon firestick detects that remote battery is low, you need to change it. Have you got this warning before?

If Yes…

Replace your firestick remote battery with a new pair of AAA-size alkaline battery. You can easily find it in your local market or can place an order on Amazon too. But, make sure you are using really a good quality battery for your firestick remote, else it will destroy your remote too.

I recommend you to buy Amazon Basics Batteries online. Here is the direct link to buy Amazon Basics Batteries on

2- Corrosion on terminals

Another frequent reason why firestick remote not working because of corrosion on battery terminals/remote battery port terminals. Generally, Hydrogen gas releases from your battery chemicals and it combines with other particles in the atmosphere to cause corrosion on terminals.

Open the back cover of Firestick remote and remove the battery. Now, use a screwdriver or knife to clean the terminal ports.

3- Is your firestick remote damaged?

If you cleaned the terminals and changed the battery, but still remote not working, it means your firestick remote is damaged. Now, you have to get a new firestick remote. It’s good news for you that, firestick remote doesn’t cost you much. You can buy a new firestick remote around $10 on Amazon. However, you can get customized remote with additional Netflix, Prime Video and Amazon Music buttons.

Customized Firestick Remote Replacement

Additionally, you can use some firestick remote apps for the backup. Read more about Firestick remote apps in the next paragraph.

4- Amazon Fire TV Remote Apps (Backup)

Amazon Fire TV Remote App is a backup solution for you. With the help of the Fire TV Remote App, you can convert your Android or iPhone into a Firestick remote temporarily. Download the Fire TV Remote App from the Play Store or App Store and connect with the same Wifi network where your Fire TV Stick connected.

Now, use your smartphone as a firestick remote…

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4 thoughts on “How To Fix FireStick Remote Not Working Issues Quickly”

  1. Forget about cleaning batteries contacts or pressing all buttons together! My issues was RESOLVED by changing the Channel / Frequency in my home wifi router.

    Right after changing the Channel; the remote started working on its own, with old batteries, like it did before.

    I encountered this issue, right after moving to a new place and my router was set to automatic Channel assignment – I guess the new Channel in the new apartment wasn’t working well with the Firestick’s remote.

    Hope that helps!

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