How To jailbreak FireStick 4K Under 3 Minutes

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Last Updated on April 8, 2020 by Jenny L

“A Jailbroken Firestick allow users to go beyond the restriction imposed by Amazon on Fire TV users. In this guide, I am going to show you a step by step tutorial to Jailbreak a brand new FireStick 4K.

 If you’re aiming to Jailbreak a 3rd generation Firestick which are running over Fire OS then this guide is most suitable for you. However, I already written another Firestick Jailbreaking guide for earlier version of Fire OS.”

An Overview Of Amazon Fire TV Stick & FireStick 4K

Don’t have time read these details? Jump to the Firestick jailbreaking paragraph by clicking the button given below…

Amazon has invented a tiny and handful device which can stream thousands of videos and other IPTV contents from popular video streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Crackle, etc…

Just plug this device into an HDMI input and enjoy everything from the internet. Amazon Firestick regularly trying to provide better streaming experience through it’s Fire OS updates. Currently, the latest version of Fire OS is and this update rolled out for Fire TV Stick 4K on 4th March 2019.

All About Fire OS & Release History

Fire OS are developed by Amazon and it’s totally based on Android operating system. We can say, Fire OS is just a customized version of Android OS.

It supporting all the Android applications. The Fire OS is optimized for unnecessary RAM and storage consumption…

That’s why, FireStick running smoothly even with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage.

Amazon developer team continuously improving it and fixing existing bugs reported by users and automatic feedback.

Some of their Fire OS update history are listed below…

Version Update

Fire OS v6.2.6.3 (Build NS6263/2349)

Fire OS v6.2.6.0 (Build NS6260/1840)

Fire OS v5.2.6.9 (Build 632552020)

Fire OS v6.2.5.8 (Build NS6258/1607)

Fire OS v5.2.6.8 (Build 630508620)

Fire OS v5.2.6.8 (Build 630508520)

Fire OS v5.2.6.8 (Build 630508320)

Fire OS v6.2.5.8 (Build NS6258/1604)

Affected Devices

Fire TV Stick 4K

Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube & Fire TV 3

FireStick 1, FireStick 2, Fire TV 1 & Fire TV 2

Fire TV 3 & Fire TV Cube

Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, FireStick 1, FireStick 2

Fire TV  Edition 1 (Element & Westinghouse)

Fire TV 1, Fire Tv 2, FireStick 1, FireStick 2, Fire TV Edition 1

Fire TV 3, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick 4K

Release Date

3 April 2019

4 March 2019

1 March 2019

11 January 2019

11 January 2019

10 January 2019

19 December 2018

13 December 2018

These are some Fire OS update history and every update got some bug fixes to improve the performance of Fire TV devices. These updates were patched those devices who tried to their hack firestick.

It means, amazon Fire OS jailbreaking and gaining complete root access is not as simple as you think. Moreover, every updates fixing the device. However, the process may break your device and you loose the warranty.

So, some of developers tried to find an alternative of amazon firestick jailbreaking so that you can enjoy free movies and tv shows and keep the Fire TV safe from breaking.

A new method of Firestick jailbreaking invented where we can install some free streaming apps like Kodi, Terrarium TV, SwiftStreamz, Live NetTV, FreeFlix HQ, Showbox, Mediabox HD, etc. to watch free movies and tv shows.

Is Firestick Jailbreak Legal?

Jailbreaking is a process of gaining root access to any operating system. But, here we are not going to hack firestick operating system. We will just install few streaming apps which provides free contents to watch.

Firestick jailbreak with Terrarium TV is not available as of now. Because, in September 2018, Terrarium TV was officially shut down. Though, there are many alternatives of Terrarium TV is available. But, we’ll try to jailbreak firestick 4K with Kodi.

Because, Kodi is the most popular software for streaming movies, tv shows and live tv channels. But, there are many Kodi addons which provides copyrighted contents and it’s an illegal crime. So, I can say- Firestick Jailbreaking is legal with Kodi (if we use official addons) but illegal if Kodi addons streaming copyrighted materials.

Streaming movies and tv shows are risky without a VPN. I recommend you to get a highly secure VPN for Firestick. Express VPN is blazing fast VPN for streaming and they are offering 49% OFF on their yearly plan. Hide your location and streaming activities from your ISP and Government.

How To Jailbreak FireStick 4K?

These steps will jailbreak firestick 4k (3rd generation) easily-

  1. Plug TV and Firestick power adapter to a power socket.
  2. Plug-in Firestick 4K to your TV HDMI port.
  3. Using your TV remote, select the screen source as HDMI where FireStick inserted.
  4. Connect Fire TV Stick with a WiFi network.
  5. Setup FireStick with an Amazon account.
  6. Now, press the Home button on the FireStick remote.
  7. Scroll right using Firestick remote and select Settings.
  8. Go to Preferences.
  9. Select Privacy settings.
  10. Turn OFF Device Data Usage.
  11. Now turn OFF Collect Apps Usage Data.
  12. Go back and Turn OFF Device Data Monitoring.
  13. Again press the back button on your FireStick remote.
  14. Select My Fire TV.
  15. Choose Developer Options.
  16. Turn ON ADB Debugging.
  17. Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  18. Press the Home button on the remote.
  19. Go to the Search option.
  20. Type Downloader.
  21. Select the Download button.
  22. Now, Open Downloader.
  23. Go to Settings.
  24. Enable JavaScript.
  25. Confirm the pop-up.
  26. Go to Downloader Home and type the following URL
  27. Wait for a few seconds, the file is downloading.
  28. Select Install.
  29. Your Fire TV Stick 4K has been jailbroken. Now, install any of these 4K HD add-ons to watch free movies and shows.

Step by step process to Jailbreak Firestick 4K

Follow these steps on your Fire TV Stick 4K to jailbreak with Kodi-

1- Open Firestick

Firestick Homepage

2- Go to Settings

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

3- Select My Fire TV

Install Kodi on Firestick

4- Go To Developer Options

Steps to install Kodi on Firestick

5-Turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

6- Confirm the Pop Up

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

7- Select Preferences

Once you enabled Unknown Sources installation, press the back button on your remote and under the settings option, you’ll find Preferences, just click on that.

Jailbreak Firestick with Kodi

8- Open Privacy Settings

Here we’ll disable some anonymous data sending option. It’s an important step you have to follow to Jailbreak FireStick 4K or Fire TV Cube.

How to jailbreak Firestick 4K

9- Turn OFF Device Usage Data

Steps to Jailbreak Firestick 4K

10- Confirm the Pop Up to Turn OFF

Jailbreak Firestick

11- Turn OFF Collect App Usage Data

Collect App Usage Data is an option which send your activities to developers. It help them to fix any error in the next update. In order to Jailbreak, you should keep this OFF.

Firestick 4K Jailbreak Tutorial

12- Confirm to Turn OFF

Firestick 4K Jailbreak

13- Select Data Monitoring

Press the back button on Firestick remote and select Data Monitoring option.

Kodi Jailbreak Firestick

14- Turn OFF Data Monitoring

Turn OFF Data Monitoring

15- Go to Firestick Home

If you disabled Data Monitoring and all above options, press the Home button on Firestick remote to jump to Home. Now, press the left button on the remote to select Search option (Magnifying Glass Icon).

Firestick Homepage

16- Open Search option

Kodi for Firestick

17- Type Downloader

Install Kodi on Fire TV

18- Select Download

Install Downloader to download Kodi Apk on Firestick

19- Open Downloader

Guide to install Kodi on Firestick

20- Go to Settings

Tutorial to install Kodi latest version on Firestick

21- Enable JavaScript

Guide to install Kodi latest version on Firestick

22- Select YES

Enabel JavaScript on Downloader app

23- Enter Download Address

Once you enabled the JavaScript, go to Home and enter this address in URL bar-

Download Kodi on Firestick

24- Wait

Kodi for Firestick

25- Select Install

Install Kodi Latest Version

26- Wait

Installing Kodi on Firestick

27- Open Kodi

Kodi for Firestick

It’s completed…

Your Firestick 4K has been successfully jail-broken with Kodi. Now, you can install any add-ons to watch movies or tv shows. Here is a ​list of working Kodi addons, offering free movies and tv shows.


It’s not safe without a VPN. I recommend you to download Express VPN and connect to an offshore server. Express VPN is fast and secure for Kodi addons streaming.

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