FireStick Channels List (2020)- All Available Channels ON Firestick

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Last Updated on November 4, 2020 by Jenny L
Here in this post, we are going to talk about Amazon Firestick channels and if landed here to see the list of Firestick channels then, check out the complete post. There are thousands of Firestick channels available and the list is growing day by day. When Amazon launched its first Fire TV Stick, then only a few channels available but now, the list has grown and you can watch whatever you want. Amazon has launched its first Fire TV in April 2014 in the USA, there were only a few popular channels supported. Later, Amazon expanded it’s market and launched it globally. Now, it’s one of the top demanding media player devices in the world. Lots of companies tied with Amazon and providing their IPTV channel for Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and other Fire TV devices.

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Currently, thousands of Firestick channels available to download from the app store directly. If you own a Fire TV or planning to get a new one then check out our updated list of Firestick channels here. Let’s move ahead…

Best Firestick Channels in 2020

There are no limits to the Firestick channels list because of thousands of channels available to download from the Amazon App Store. Else, we can sideload it also. Here I am providing a list of official as well as unofficial firestick channels list-
  1. Netflix
  2. HBO Go
  3. DirecTV Now
  4. Hulu TV
  5. Sling TV
  6. Mobdro
  7. Live NetTV
  8. Cinema HD
  9. Twitch
  10. HotStar
If you installed these Firestick channels, you can watch whatever you want. Netflix has a huge collection of Movies and TV Shows and  Mobdro and Live NetTV bring amazing Live TV channels for FireStick. Well, Netflix costs you a monthly subscription while Live Net TV and Mobdro are completely free.

Jailbroken Firestick Channels

  • Kodi
  • Redbox TV
  • Cinema HD
  • Cyberflix TV
  • Titanium TV
  • Mobdro
  • Live NetMovies
  • Exodus TV
Though, the list doesn’t end here…

Free Firestick Channels 2020

Free firestick channels need to be installed externally. These are not available on the Amazon App Store but, you can install their APK files on FireStick device. Check the list below and click on the name to find the installation process-
  1. Live NetTV
  2. Mobdro
  3. Kodi
  4. Cinema HD
  5. Redbox TV
  6. Freeflix HQ
  7. Cyberflix TV
  8. Crackle
  9. Sangfilms
  10. CotoMovies
  11. Tea TV
  12. Tubi TV
  13. Ckay TV
  14. Titanium TV
  15. Showbox
These are some best free firestick channels in 2020. Most of these apps don’t ask for registration and force to enter credit card information. You just need to install them on your device and start watching whatever you want. People mostly search for these free apps for firestick. You can check them out to see the features.

Entertainment channels on Firestick

Amazon Fire TV is solely designed for entertainment purposes. It can be installed on any TV which has an HDMI port. It’s not necessary that your TV needs to be a Smart TV. A non-smart TV is also compatible with Fire TV Stick. Just insert the Amazon Fire TV Stick in the HDMI port and install watch tons of channels from firestick. Here are some entertainment channels listed on Firestick
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • HBO
  • YouTube
  • Dailymotion
  • YouTube TV
  • Twitch
  • Skystream TV
  • Hotstar
  • Country Road TV
  • Crunchyroll’s
  • People Are Awesome
  • Sangfilms
  • Direct Sports TV
  • ESPN Sports
  • FailArmy
  • TBN
  • Redbull TV
  • Yupp TV
  • Nitro Circus
  • Cartoon Networks
  • The Economist Films
  • The United Kingdom Channel
  • IndieFlix
  • GoUSA
  • Viewster
  • Movies by
  • Surf PGA Tour
You have got a huge list of entertainment channels on firestick. I don’t think you need to install all these channels because only a few channels are enough to provide- whatever you want to watch.

Firestick Educational Channels

Firestick is not just providing movies and tv shows, but you can watch educational channels too. Here is a list of Firestick educational channels in 2020-
  • TED TV
  • NASA
  • History 18
  • Popular Science
  • Fox News
  • BBC News
  • USA Today
  • Sky News

Music Channels on Firestick

  • Spotify Music
  • Gaana
  • Vevo
  • TuneIn Radio
  • Musica Latina
  • Reggae TV

Sports channels on Firestick

  • NBA Game Time
  • ESPN Games
  • NBC Sports

Foods Channels in Firestick

  • ChefsFeed
  • Cake recipe by
  • Vegan Life by
  • Korean food by
  • BestCooks
  • Grilling and Smoking
  • The Japan Food Channel
  • Mediterranean Food by

Final Words:

Amazon FireStick has got a huge list of channels in the various categories. As Fire OS is based on the Android operating system, means you can install all Android streaming apps on your Fire TV device. I have listed some popular Firestick channels from the various categories. Try it and leave feedback in the comment box.

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