How To Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick (2020)

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Last Updated on July 27, 2020 by Jenny L

Cyberflix TV is a movie and TV show APK, yet another trending movie streaming application for Firestick and other Android-powered devices ( Android TV Box, NVIDIA Shield, etc.).  Here in this step by step guide, I’ll take you through the entire process of installing CyberFlix TV on Firestick with images and screenshots. The exact process is applicable to work on Fire TV, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Cyberflix is another in-demand application for Firestick devices created as a clone or replica of the discontinued yet insanely popular Terrarium TV application. It filled 90% of the void created by Terrarium TV and was considered as the best alternative of Terrarium TV carrying similar features of the same setting and design. 

Real Debrid should be integrated to get the most out of this application. It is an unrestricted downloader that provides high-quality stream options and it alleviates buffer-free playback. Real Debrid integration is putting butter on bread while providing unlimited and the best possible quality streaming experience.

Latest Update:

While it is important to note that Cyberflix has a vast library of movies, tv shows, trending videos, documentaries, and more interesting content. The latest update indicated that Cyberflix is no longer a reliable streaming service option. TV Shows are currently not working in Cyberflix.

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How To Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick

The process of installing Cyberflix is quite similar to any other application installation on Firestick. Just follow the steps given below.

Step- 1: Open Firestick Settings

Firestick Homepage

Step- 2: Select My Fire TV

Under the Settings option, you’ll see My Fire TV option available. Earlier this option was known as Device but in the recent update, it has been changed.

My Fire TV

Step- 3: Select Developer Options

Developer Options

Step- 4: Enable Unknown Sources

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

Step- 5: Select Turn ON

Enable Unknown Sources

Step- 6: Search Downloader

Press the Home button on your Fire TV remote and then search Downloader. First of all, you need to install Downloader on your Firestick to download the MX Player for Firestick.

Search Downloader

Step- 7: Select Download

Select the download button to install Downloader on Firestick.

How to jailbreak firestick via Downloader by AFTVNews

Note- Follow this guide to install Downloader on Firestick.

Step- 8: Go to Settings

Open the downloader and go to the Settings option. Here we need to enable Javascript in order to download any files. (Important)

Enable Javascript

Step- 9: Enable JavaScript

Downloader Javascript Enabled

Step- 10: Enter the following URL

Here you have to provide the download link of Cyberflix TV. Here is the download link-

Cyberflix TV on Firestick

Step- 11: Wait…

Install Cyberflix on Firestick

Step- 12: Select Install

How to install cyberflix on firestick

Step- 13: Wait…

CyberFlix TV is installing on your Firestick. It’ll take a couple of seconds, please wait till the installation is finished.

Cyberflix TV on Firestick 4K

Step- 14: Open CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV installed on Firestick

Step- 15: Wait

For the first time of launching CyberFlix TV, you need to wait for at least 3 seconds. The app is collecting all the required data and resources.

CyberFlix TV

Step- 16: Update CyberFlix TV

Developers of CyberFlix TV released a new and stable version. Update it to enjoy the bug-free app and new features.

Cyberflix TV 3.1.1 Update

Step- 17: Wait… The update file is downloading

Cyberflix TV Updating

Step- 18: Hit Install

Cyberflix Update

Step- 19: Wait

Cyberflix TV on Firestick 4K

Step- 20: Accept and Stream

This is the last step of installing CyberFlix TV on Firestick. Just accept the Terms and Condition of App and enjoy free movies and tv shows streaming. Make sure you have installed MX Player on Firestick to stream any movies on CyberFlix TV.

CyberFlix TV App

Final Words

CyberFlix TV is a decent app and it is a must-try if you like watching movies and shows on your FireStick. It has pretty solid elements since it borrowed its good features from the original predecessor, the departed Terrarium TV. CyberFlix TV supports Real-Debrid integration and that makes it more exciting for a buffer-free high-quality streaming experience.

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10 thoughts on “How To Install CyberFlix TV on Firestick (2020)”

  1. Just try it again, the 1st time I did this I got the same message, I had to do it 3x before it started and the 3 rd time was the next day, possible the download was not available from some reason when we all tried it the 1st time.

  2. Rachael Kirkpatrick

    Check to make sure your URL has the ‘S’ in the beginning. Mine already prompted the beginning of the URL with http:// but did not include the S make sure you backspace and add the S to make it https://

  3. download seemed to install fine and using MX player, but when select on a movie or show-nothing happens…
    any ideas?? thanks

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