CotoMovies Shut Down, Developer Exposing User’s Data To Authority

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Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by Jenny L

Popular movies streaming application CotoMovies has been shut down permanently. After being a primary streaming app after Terrarium TV shut down, CotoMovies is finally closed and developer of this app announced to share their user’s data with authorities. The copyright holder of ‘Angel Has Fallen’ and ‘Hellboy‘, authorities pressurized the CotoMovies developer to close this.

You can read the complete statement of CotoMovies developer after this paragraph. He agrees to share user data with authority.

CotoMovies Shut Down

CotoMovies Developer Agrees To Share User’s Data

The copyright holder of Hellboy and Angel Has Fallen did copyright infringements complaint against CotoMovies owner and the developer gave a public apology statement. Here wrote that-

I want to express my sincere regret to the owners of the motion pictures Hellboy and Angel Has Fallen as well as all rights holders for inducing and contributing to copyright infringements by my operation of the app CotoMovies. From this stressful legal experience, I have learned to appreciate the damage apps such as CotoMovies do to those who invest their time, effort and money to create motion pictures.

I now plan to fully respect intellectual property laws and strongly urge those who used my app to use legal apps to watch movies. To this end, I have agreed to transfer to counsel for the rights holders user data and communications under my possession and control so that they can enforce their valuable intellectual property.

-CotoMovies Developer

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Copyright Holders Likely To Target Pirated Apps Users

The copyright holder of Hellboy and Angel Has Fallen are ‘More Than Likely‘ to take legal action against pirated apps users. As per the TorrentFreak report. Both Filmmakers also contacted TweakBox to remove CotoMovies and other piracy apps from their store.

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