10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free VPN

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Last Updated on June 24, 2020 by Jenny L

The popularity of VPN is increasing day by day due to its fantastic features. Nowadays VPN has become an essential application for all online users. A VPN has various useful features, and hence it helps online users in multiple ways.

A VPN application will protect you against privacy abusers and identity thieves. It even helps you to remove buffering and thus stream videos smoothly. VPN will also allow you to enter sites that are restricted in a particular country by merely changing the IP Address.

You can easily opt for free as well as premium VPN applications as both are available on the Internet. If you select a free VPN, you may face certain issues as they are not as efficient as the Premium ones.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to highlight ten reasons which prove that it is better to avoid a free VPN application. Here is some extremely fast and secure VPN list for streaming and downloading purposes. If you’re using Jailbroken Firestick, you must use a quality VPN for streaming.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free VPN

1- Free VPN contains malware


Often malware’s are hidden inside free VPNs that can steal your data which may eventually lead to following problems

  • That malware can hit you with targeted ads and spam emails.
  • They can hijack your online accounts.
  • They may even steal your money by hacking all your credit card and debit card details.
  • Malware can steal your digital goods or products.

It is dangerous to use a free VPN as The CSIRO study found that nowadays 38% of free Android VPNs contain malware.

For Example, “VPN Master” is a free VPN that is very popular among the majority of the user but the recent test has shown that this VPN application contains eight types of harmful malware.

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2- Free VPN contains hidden tracking Libraries

data theft

This is also a very dangerous feature of free VPN applications as these hidden tracking libraries collect your private data which can be leaked afterward. So this can hamper the privacy of your data.

The CSIRO study tested 283 VPNs and found that 75% of free VPN applications contain tracking libraries embedded within their source code. Through these tracking libraries, the free VPNs collect all your private data which can be afterward used for advertising and analytics.

For Example, Betternet is a very famous free VPN application, and hence most of the user prefers to use Betternet, but CSIRO study revealed that this application contains 14 different tracking libraries.

3- Free VPNs helps the Third-party to access your data

Free VPN applications claim that they protect and keep your data private by hiding them from the ISP and third parties, but recently it was revealed that 26 of the 117 most popular VPN services log user data.

If you decide to use any form of free VPN service, not only is it highly unlikely that you are being protected but instead there is a big possibility that your data is being collected and sold to the highest bidder by the free VPN companies.

By using these free products you are giving away your privacy, risking your security, and probably making someone else rich with your private data.

For Example, The free Android VPN app called “VPN Master Free Unlimed Proxy” is owned by the Chinese data collection company known as TalkingData. This free VPN application does not protect you but instead collects all your data for advertisers and other companies.

4- Free VPNs often steals your Bandwidth

Free VPN can also steal your bandwidth and sell them to the third party. The recent test has shown that almost all the free VPNs tends to steal your bandwidth and sells them to the third party to make a profit for themselves.

For example, Israel-based Hola VPN service was found to be stealing user bandwidth and then illegally reselling it through its child company Luminati. Until this news came to the forefront, millions of Hola users were unknowingly having their bandwidth stolen.

5- Free VPNs often tries to hijack your browser

Browser Hijacking is another dangerous feature of most of the free VPNs that can affect you to a large extent. By hijacking your browser, the free VPNs redirect your browser to partnership websites without your permission.

For example, Hotspot Shield one of the most famous free VPN application which was found to be redirecting HTTP requests to e-commerce sites, such as Alibaba and eBay, through its partner networks Conversant Media and Viglink.

6- Your IP Address can get leaked by most of the Free VPNs

A premium VPN always secures and encrypts all of the traffic between your device and the VPN server. But while using a free VPN often your IP address leaks out of the VPN tunnel which eventually leaves you exposed rather than keeping your data safe and secure.

A free VPN can leak both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses out of the tunnel. This leaves you exposed in spite of using a VPN service, and so it is evident that with a free VPN you will not get the desired service that you are looking for.

For example, Betternet is a very renowned free VPN application, but various tests have revealed that while using Betternet often the IP Address gets leaked which is a very dangerous aspect of this free VPN application.

7- Free VPNs will generally slow down your Internet

Almost every Free VPN application will slow down your Internet connection by merely displaying annoying ads, or they can even slow down your Internet by limiting your bandwidth. But you can easily overcome this problem by selecting a paid VPN service. That’s the major reason why various top-rated Firestick apps lead to buffering issues.

For example, Proton VPN provides excellent security, and hence a lot of people prefer to use Proton VPN, but the free version of this VPN slows down the Internet considerably which is a significant issue that the free users face.

So, you must opt for the paid version of Proton VPN rather than the free version as they give more priority to the paid user.

8- Free VPNs don’t unlock Netflix

Currently, none of the free VPNs available in the market can unblock Netflix properly. Although sometimes few free VPNs like Tunnelbear and ProtonVPN unblocks Netflix, they slow down the Internet to such a large extent that it is tough to enjoy the Netflix service properly.

Bypassing the Netflix block requires a lot of resources that are not included in the free VPN applications. So in order to enjoy Netflix properly, you must opt for a paid VPN application rather than using a free VPN service.

9- Free VPNs offers Limited service purposely

Free VPN applications limit your data, bandwidth, and even disable peer-to-peer connections on purpose to manipulate you into upgrading to their premium service.

Some free VPN applications will inform you at the beginning that they are only offering limited free services in the hope that you will eventually upgrade to the paid subscription while some of the free VPN application will not even inform you about their limited facilities.

10- Free VPN applications contain annoying ads

As you are not paying the free VPNs monthly subscriptions, so the companies need another way to make money. Therefore these VPN companies incorporate different types of ads within the application so that they can generate revenues from these ads.

For example, Betternet makes money from ads although they state on their website that they don’t show you annoying ads, in reality, ads pop up whenever you connect.


As promised at the beginning of this article we have highlighted all the major points which prove the fact that it not at all safe to use the free VPN application. So, it is essential for a person to go through this article before deciding to use a free VPN application.

We can also conclude that it is always better to select Premium VPN service rather than a free one as you will be able to overcome all the issues that are discussed above.

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