10 Best Streaming Devices in 2020

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Last Updated on March 17, 2020 by Jenny L

In this post, I am going to write about some best streaming devices which are extremely popular and being liked by millions of streaming freaks. So, if you are planning to get a streaming device for your TV, this post will help you in picking best-streaming media devices.

Let’s start…

Nowadays new model TVs come with fantastic applications through which you can easily watch online content directly on the TV. Some models even contain a Blu-ray player or game system with inbuilt streaming services.

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You can even stream online content in those TV models which do not include these features. So, in this case, you will require a dedicated media streaming device to stream any online content on your TV or Monitor.

There are several media streaming devices available in the market. Therefore this article will contain essential information regarding the ten best streaming devices.


10 Best Streaming Device in 2020

1- Roku Express

Roku Express

Roku Express is mainly designed for streaming videos on old version TVs which does not contain a 4K display panel. Roku Express is an affordable device and is available at a very low price of $29.99.

This device has a straightforward setup procedure, and you can even use Roku Express very easily. This fantastic gadget can stream Full HD content videos from most of the popular services like Netflix, HBO Go, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime.

This device also comes with a well designed Roku remote through which you will be able to control your TV effortlessly from any corner of your room.

This device is also equipped with various accessories and useful buttons which always help you to access the popular streaming services with only a single touch.

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2- Google Chromecast Ultra

Google Chromecast Ultra

The Google Chromecast Ultra is a high-quality streaming device that can stream 4K and HDR content directly from Netflix and Youtube. It can be attached to one of the HDMI port of your TV. Once it is connected, it gives you access to various movies and TV shows according to Google’s catalog.

This device is perfect for you if you prefer streaming from a Mobile device. This device can cast the screen of the Android smartphone on the TV so that you can enjoy the streaming on a bigger screen. It can even display various contents from a Chrome browser.

Although it has various amazing features still there are certain shortcomings as well. One of the significant flaws of Google Chromecast Ultra is that it does not contain any remote so you will have to control the device through your smartphone or tablet. This device is available at $69.

3- NVIDIA Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV

This device is a compact Android TV box that can stream 4K and HDR content from major services like Amazon, Netflix, and even YouTube. This is the best Android TV option for you. It also delivers a high-quality gaming experience through the NVIDIA’s own GeForce Now service.

Apart from the above features, it is also equipped with Google Assistant which helps you to easily search for various content, open apps and even control other smart home appliances through voice commands.

So you can understand from the features mentioned above that by using this device you will not only be able to stream different contents but also you will be able to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience.

It comes with a total storage of around 500 GB along with a list of exclusive gaming titles. You can purchase this streaming device at $179.

4- Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

Roku Streaming Stick+ is an affordable streaming device and is available at $67.51. Similar to the other Roku devices this can also be connected to the TV or the monitor through the HDMI port.

This streaming device can stream 4K and HDR content from all the leading streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime.

Roku Streaming Stick+ also comes with high-speed dual-band Wi-Fi and a very helpful easy to use Roku remote control device which you can mainly use to access the popular streaming services from any corner of your room.

5- Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K is a high-quality streaming device that not only supports UHD resolution but also supports HDR10 content standards. This device has an A10X Fusion Chip that makes it twice the processing power and four times the graphics performance of its earlier model.

This device even supports the Dolby Vision content standard apart from the UHD resolution and HDR10 content standards. So you will be able to get a high-quality visual experience when you watch a video through Apple TV 4K on a compatible TV.

It supports 4K movies from leading services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The only negative aspect of this device is that it cannot stream high-resolution content from YouTube.

Some other specifications of Apple TV 4K include dual-band Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Apple TV 4K comes with 32 and 64 GB of storage. Along with this device, you will get a Siri-enabled remote although you can control Apple TV 4K with an iPhone or iPad as well.

6- Google Chromecast


You can easily connect Google Chromecast to the TV or monitor through the HDMI port. You can also connect it to your Wi-Fi network in order to use your smartphone or tablets as a remote.

Chromecast will help you to cast/mirror content directly from your primary streaming app or the Google Chrome browser. You will able to cast by just pressing the Google Cast icon present within the application, and you will be able to enjoy the content on a large TV screen.

Although it has various amazing features, still, there are certain negative aspects as well. The negative aspect of Chromecast is that it does not comes with any remote control device, so the only way to control this device remotely is by using your smartphones and tablets as a remote.

Another major negative point of Google Chromecast is that it does not support 4K or HDR streaming so if you want to access 4K streaming, you may opt for Google Chromecast Ultra. You can purchase Google Chromecast for $35.

7- Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon FireTVStick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is the base version of Amazon Fire TV and hence lacks in various aspects, but it is also much cheaper than Amazon Fire TV. Amazon Fire TV Stick mainly lacks the ability to stream 4K or HDR content and even in speed when you compare it with Fire TV.

This streaming device supports Alexa voice Remote although nowadays this is not a unique feature as both Apple TV and Roku support this feature. Although Alexa has a great significance in Amazon Fire TV Stick, it is not as responsive as it is on an Echo Dot or in an Amazon Echo.

8- Roku Ultra

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

The Roku Ultra model is updated recently and is also much cheaper now when you will compare it with the earlier model. It is designed with advanced technology, so you will be able to stream 4K and HDR content at up to 60 frames per second.

A high-quality Roku remote also comes with this device, and through this remote, you will be able to manage the online streaming services from any corner of your room.

It’s remote also contains a unique feature that helps you to detect the position of the remote if it misplaced by a button on the box. As you press the button, remote will make a sound, and hence you will be able to track the exact location.

The Roku remote also comes with some special buttons through which you can easily access the popular streaming services. It also contains a headphone jack through which you can plug in your headphones. The only negative aspect of Roku Ultra is that it does not have an optical audio port, but still, you must try out Roku Ultra by purchasing this device at $89.99.

9- Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Express

Roku Streaming Stick is a low budget streaming device which is actually the lower version of Roku Streaming Stick+. Although it does not support 4K or HDR content it will perfect for you if you want to use your traditional remote to control the device.

Its remote does not have a headphone jack which you will find in the higher versions, but it is very cheap and is easily available at less than $50. This device basically has a simple IR-capable remote through which you can control all the popular streaming services

10- Amazon Fire TV

Amazon FireTVStick

Recently updated Amazon Fire TV is smaller, cheaper, and faster than the old version. It even supports 4K and HDR content. It only supports HDR10 and not Dolby Vision.

The updated box is much smaller and hangs from the back of your TV. The negative aspect of this new updated box is that it does not contain an optical audio port or Ethernet port although by spending $15 you can purchase an adapter that includes an Ethernet port.

The most fantastic feature of Amazon Fire TV is that it has an Alexa voice assistant which allows you to select your favorite streaming services simply by voice commands. You can purchase Amazon Fire TV at $69.99


We tried our level best to accommodate all the major streaming devices within this article so that after going through this article properly you can select the most appropriate streaming device according to your requirement. These devices need a fast internet speed and the best VPN to protect your privacy. I recommend you to use Express VPN on your streaming device because it’s fast, safe and secure.

Also, We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions in the comment box…

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