21 Best Kodi Skins In 2019 To Give A Better Look

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Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by Jenny L

We are going to talk about Best Kodi Skins in this post. If you want to give a different look to your Kodi device then these Skins will provide a wide opportunity. If you using Kodi on touchscreen devices like Android smartphone or tablet then you’ll have the smooth experience with many of these Kodi skins in 2019. 

Do you like to put on the same attire to an office every day? You don’t. Because looking the same every day is monotonous. You don’t enjoy your looks neither do your office colleagues like looking at you. Further, monotony makes your life boring. So, how do you bring colors to your life? Of course, it is trying new things every now and then.

Similarly, looking into the same Kodi skin is tiresome. Why not have something new in the platter when you have the option for it! For bringing a change to your Kodi life, new Kodi skins have been developed. Don’t you know what a Kodi skin is? No issues. Keep reading.

What is a Kodi skin?

The Kodi skin is a magnificent feature that helps in changing the entire looks of your Kodi. It provides to your Kodi a totally new outlook and changes the feel of the screen. Here, you are to customize the Kodi by splashing colors, adding themes, changing the placement of the menu, and much more. In brief, using the Kodi skin will splash great hues to your Kodi version and enjoy the exciting amount of customizable facilities.

How to change Kodi skins?

It is interesting, right? By now, you must be too excited to know the process of changing Kodi skins. Well, it is very simple, easy to handle, user-friendly and requires a painless effort. To change the Kodi skin, follow the steps:

  • Open the Kodi. Go to the setting option.
  • Under settings, find ‘interface settings’ and click upon it.
  • On the menu appearing on the left-hand side, click on ‘skin’.
  • Next, come to the right-hand side menu options. Search for ‘skin’ option in the category of ‘look and feel’.
  • You will notice a box appearing with two options namely, estouchy and estuary. These two are the basic default Kodi skins. If you want to explore something more, click upon ‘get more’ option on the right.
  • Choose whichever Kodi skin you want to attach to your Kodi version and it will be changed automatically.

How are Kodi Skins Different than Kodi Builds?

On one hand, Kodi Builds are a group of addons while on the other hand, Kodi skins are layouts and interfaces that pertain to changes in your Kodi version. Since Kodi builds are nothing but the addons, they get installed to your Kodi software automatically. Whereas, the Kodi skins do not apply anything automatically. The skins need to be applied and require you to makes necessary changes in the settings.

Kodi skins change the Kodi menu, the Kodi wallpaper, and the Kodi themes. After you make the changes, it will be impossible to recognize if it’s the same older software or a brand new one. Therefore, if you are bored with your same old Kodi look and in need of something new, try out the Kodi skins. On the contrary, if you are looking for the best Kodi repository and wish to get all under the same roof without much effort, Kodi build is there to serve you.

Best Kodi Skins In 2019 For Smoother UI

Amidst a sea of Kodi skins, you must be in a dilemma as to which one to choose or which one suit the best or which skin will yield you the best result. Well, to know this, look forward to some of the Best Kodi Skins in 2019. Here you go:

  • Aeon Nox

It has hit the top of the list because of its amazing customization performance. It has a broad perspective of customization options. You can change the color, theme and also the font of the version. Once you change the looks of the primary menu of Kodi Skin, people will automatically be attracted to your version of Kodi. By far, this is the best Kodi Skin both for a newbie and an expert user.

  • Black glass nova

When you view the skin of black glass nova, it is sure to take you back to the days when you used the Windows Vista. This is because, like Windows Vista, the black glass nova home screen is designed with glass windows. This skin offers its users, two definite models. The first is the glass mode in black where the Kodi theme changes into a black glass and the other is the mode of black glass nova where you will find a lot of minute tiles than the former.

  • Box

The boxed Kodi skin is a combination of various menus that can be customized. It consists of the main menu, sub-menus and various widgets for selecting. Again, you can also change the color of the Kodi skins which make the Kodi version looks much more attractive. You need not worry about its usage as this skin is adaptable to almost all devices. Its touch option is a great support to the Kodi version. This Kodi skin is an updated category and is likely to serve you in the best possible way.

  • Omni

Many a time, you will find that the real characteristics of a product are hidden under the veneer of its name. Similar is the case for Omni. The main features and menus in this Kodi skin depend mostly on the queue of options and menus that it provides to its users. Initially, when you are using it, you may notice a similarity of this Kodi skin to that of the Mimic. But there lies a thin line of difference between both. The Mimic Kodi skin has much more customizable options in it than the Omni. Also, the Mimic’s customized settings options too is a long list. However, a new feature of the Omni is that you can access the main menu and sub from every window without any hassle.

  • Pellucid

If you like simplicity with elegance, choose Pellucid. Its home screen has posters below the screen which fades away along with a small animation. If you are a watcher of live IPTV Kodi channel, you ought to try out this skin. No other Kodi skin is as amusing as Pellucid. In between all the fun and frolic, there is sad news for the users of Kodi Jarvis. You guys have to have the patience to use Pellucid because it is only accessible in Kodi Krypton.

  • Unity

The Unity Kodi skin somewhat matches with the skin of Confluence Kodi but with some minor differences. Their media interfaces differ. Although its home screen appears very simple in a horizontal pattern, yet it looks good because of the film posters appearing on the screen every now and then. A user who like everything in a decent manner and hanker after decency, Unity Kodi skin is appropriate for them. Besides making the general interface attractive, this Kodi skin goes a step forward to makes things work in an ease.

  • Aeon MQ5

There is a very limited number of Kodi skin that gels well with the Kodi Leia and Aeon MQ5 is a part of them. Although Kodi Leia has still not updated itself and is pursuing various experimentations, the Kodi Aeon MQ5 goes perfectly well with it. Be the new version or the old one, Kodi Aeon MQ5 is adaptable to all situations. It has the power to transform each and every part of the skin. And this is why it is a comprehension version of the Kodi skin.

  • Grid

Not all Kodi skins can be applicable to Kodi Leia Alpha 1. Also, it has not been very much developed. However, the Grid Kodi skin is the best styling interface of Kodi Leia 18 which enhances its look. Its user interface is very lucrative and upstart. The Kodi users of this skin are sure to enjoy the exciting color patterns, themes and so much more. In spite of the fact that it has a very less number of features, yet, the developers have worked all day and night to improve their quality and functional features. Well, the developers have done a great job!

  • Rapier

You will often find people saying this particular Kodi skin is the full version of the skin that you will ever get. What makes it complete and favored by the people is its vast idea of sports configuration options that are scattered all over the skin. None of the options are presented in a cluttered format. You will not face any problem to deal with this Kodi skin. Being one of the ancient Kodi skin available, it works upon all kind of Kodi versions. True that old is gold!

  • Refocus

If you are using Kodi on a touch screen or on your Android smartphones, this skin is the best option for you. Do not look anywhere but simply download it. It keeps its users advanced to the recent TV shows, movies, and entertainment programmes that you can currently watch. Your watch history will yield you more recommendations as per your likes.

  • Eminence

Although eminence is stuffed with its user interface, yet it has small icons present below the screen. You may find that the skin cannot be as customized as others but it is faster than even lightening. Hearing of being faster, you may wonder how smooth the skin is. Well, its smoothness should never be brought into question. It is generally recommended for those users who use their own Kodi skin with a lot of Kodi add-ons.

  • FTV

Do you have any idea of juxtaposing an integrated Kodi skin along with Amazon Fire TV? No, right? Now it is time that you begin experiencing the effects of Fire TV on the Kodi Leia 18 interface with the help of FTV Kodi skin. It provides the exact look and catches the ambiance of fire TV on Kodi. You will get this skin on the official Kodi add-on repository. Therefore, you do not need to download anything extra.

  • Chroma

What makes Chroma is that it has an added adjustable quality of setting the color scheme of the theme as per the theme that you set. There are a few Kodi skins that use the same amount of transparent features in its background irrespective of the theme present on the screen. Because of this non-discrimination, it’s some elements are not clearly visible. Chroma thus makes the required adjustments in the background and makes the whole set up eye soothing.

  • Kover

With Kover Kodi skin you can develop you’re your skin as per your liking. Many of you may not like this feature as people want everything hassle-free and readymade. But those who have a creative bent of mind are sure to love this feature of Kover. However, these Kodi skin is not worthless.

  • Mimic

Mimic is for all users as it works on every device. It is lighter in weight and therefore easy to stream. One of its celebrated additional features that need special mention is that it allows you to make changes in the colors and edit the home using fan art. Also, it has an inbuilt feature for touchscreen devices.

  • Eunique

As you can clearly understand by its name, the features of Eunique Kodi skin are really unique. It presents to its user’s media content in bright colors. It is a simple user interface with its omnipresence of menus and features.

  • Transparency

This is an art-based skin. It implies that the skin can be managed according to the desire of the user. Isn’t that great? Like Kodi Jarvis, it supports all the new features as well as it is easy to handle. Users who are not quite familiar with the new Kodi Jarvis can freely use Transparency.

Besides these, the 2018 top Kodi skin list is also hit by others like Arctic Zephyr, Nebula, Xperience 1080, SiO2, AppTV, Ace, Confluence, Titan, Titanium, Amber, Fuse Neue Skin, Maximinimalism, etc. All of them characterize a varied number of features. Also, there are setups for kids, teens, and adults differently. The colors of the skin on the screen are not overly bright to affect your eyes. You can always change them without any hassle. No extra charges or registration are required.

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