Best Kodi Builds Of (2020)

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Last Updated on May 9, 2020 by Jenny L

In this article, we are going to list out the Best Kodi Builds for all the Kodi supportable operating systems. These Kodi Builds are platform-independent and work across all the devices including Firestick, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Android TV Box, etc.

Most of these build working on the latest version of Kodi 18.6 Leia as well as earlier versions. We are constantly updating this list every week so that you don’t get any outdated builds for Kodi.

Which is the Best Kodi Build?

People are asking me- what is the Best Kodi Build to use? I can not answer this directly. All because it’s totally depends upon use and types of content an individual loves. If you ask me, which Kodi Build do you prefer? I can answer this because I know my interests and contents that I love.

I prefer No Limit Magic Build and Xanax Build for Kodi. However, Blue Magic Build and Titanium Build are yet another Kodi Builds that I’m using on Fire TV Stick and Android TV Box.

Best Kodi Builds 2020

Below we’ve listed some top Kodi Builds of 2020-

Build Name
Build Repository

Xanax Kodi Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

No Limits Magic
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Kodi Titanium Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

MisFit Mods Lite
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Blue Magic Kodi Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

CellarDoor TV Kodi Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Streamline Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Xontech Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

The Beast Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Plutonium Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Slamious Kodi Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Diggz Xenon Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Grind Kodi Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Maze Build
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Racoon City
Kodi 17.6 & Kodi 18 (Leia)

Best Kodi Builds for Firestick

The following Kodi Builds are working smoothly on Firestick, Android TV, Android Phones/Tablets, Windows PC, macOS, etc.

1- Xanax Kodi Build

Xanax Build for Kodi

After testing for more than 13-weeks and others vote, I ranked Xanax Build at the top of this list. It’s available to download on Kodi 17.6 (Krypton) as well as Kodi 18.6 (Leia). However, it supporting all other versions of Kodi 18.0 to Kodi 18.6. Xanax has already gained insane popularity among Kodi and Firestick users.

Thousands of Kodi users recommending Xanax Build for Kodi to get all popular Kodi add-ons for streaming movies and tv shows. The UI and Skins seem enticing and easy to use. This build is developed by the same developer who built Durex Build for Kodi. Xanax features a similar layout and the interface of Durex in an updated manner.

Kodi users can get some powerful add-ons such as Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Yoda, The Crew, etc. I’m sure you gonna love this Kodi Build for Firestick as well as Windows and other devices.

2- No Limits Magic Build

Kodi No Limits

With the futuristic appearance, butter-flow interface and plenty of features, Kodi No Limits Magic Build have managed to entice Kodi users. It’s an old and great Build for Kodi that already served millions of users. It already got tons of add-ons and skins to give Kodi a decent look and features.

Kodi No Limits Magic Build has all evergreen add-ons like Yoda, cCloud TV, Copy & Paste, Pulse Fitness, Sports Devil, The Magic Dragon, etc. These add-ons will pull-out everything for daily entertainment needs.

3- Titanium Build

Titanium Build

Titanium is yet another Kodi Build that offers lots of options to stream. It provides Live Sports, Live TV, Movies, YouTube, Kids Zone, Sports Replays and Highlights, and Live TV for the major UK and US cable TV channels.

Titanium Kodi Build is power-packed with all top add-ons such as DeathStar, SportsDevil, GAIA, Yoda, At The Flix, Rising Tides, etc. This build is already managed to serve more than 2 years.

4- Misfit Mods Lite

Misfit Mods Lite Build

Misfit Mods Lite could be the Best Build for Firestick because it consumes little space. It’s a lite version of Misfit Mods Build but incudes all popular add-ons that provide free movies, web series, and tv shows. It also allows Kodi users to watch Live UK and USA channels through Live TV add-ons.

Misfit Mods Lite has built-in Yoda, DeathStar, SportsDevil, and many other popular add-ons that provide extensive streaming opportunities. I must recommend this build for Fire TV users.

5- Blue Magic Build

Blue Magic Build

The Blue Magic Build is available to install on Kodi 18.6 (Leia) as well as the older versions of Kodi. It has a huge collection of best Kodi addons that offers 4K HD quality streaming.

The Blue Magic Kodi Build streaming hundreds of add-ons that provide free tv shows and movies in HD quality. Some popular add-ons for Kodi like DeathStar, Rising Tides, Nole Cinema, cCloud, Loki, UK Turk’s Playlist, The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, Limitless, Deceit, etc.

6- CellarDoor TV Kodi Build

CellarDoor TV Kodi Build

CellarDoor TV is yet another good and working Build for Kodi. You’ll experience a quite clean and lite interface with this build. There are plenty of popular add-ons and themes in a well-organized manner. It’s a really good Kodi Build to use on Firestick and Android TV Boxes.

After Real-Debrid authentication, CellarDoor TV Build provides tons of 4K streaming links.

7- Streamline Build

Streamline Build

Wiz Kidz Wizard backing this build and it features Planet MMA, Mancave, At The Flix, The Magic Dragon, Maverick TV, and many more popular Kodi add-ons. Although, it was behaving a little annoying sometimes but, mostly it works. Streamline Kodi Build is now actively managed by developers. Now, you’ll get many tops shows and movies on Kodi.

8- Xontech Build

Xontech Build for Kodi

Xontech Kodi Build is powered by Falcon Repository developer. It working smoothly on Firestick and Android TV Box. Users can experience a simple navigation system and smooth UI. It has some good add-ons collection such as- YODA, Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, SportsDevil, DeathStar, and many more…

9- The Beast Kodi

The Beast Kodi Build

From the past few months, The Beast Kodi Build repository address was offline. Now, it back with a new address and features. Whether you love to watch Movies, TV Shows, Sports, or News; The Beast Kodi Build has everything to stream.

This Build for Kodi is compatible with all devices. Either you want it on your TV, PC, or Mobile phones. The Beast working great on Amazon Fire TV Stick and Android TV.

10- Plutonium Build

Plutonium Kodi Build

Plutonium Kodi Build is an old player and it has tons of files to watch. Recently, this Kodi Build was listed and powered by EzzerMacs Kodi Repository. Plutonium is a small size Kodi Build that features thousands of Movies and TV Shows for Kodi devices.

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi is the most popular and easy to use software for streaming movies and tv shows. But, it requires additional add-ons and plugin installation to perform the tasks. It’s hard to filter a good addon for Kodi.

In order to get rid of this issue, some third-party developers found an easy way. They pack up multiple Kodi add-ons in one package and users can install all of them in one-click. These packages are called Kodi Builds and it also includes new UI designs and themes.

But, finding a Best Kodi Build is yet another hard work. So, I’ve prepared a list of Top Kodi Builds in 2020. Here we are listing out only working Kodi Builds that contain popular Kodi addons. Moreover, we’re updating this list very frequently to filter out 100% working Kodi Build for you.


Now you’ve got the Best Kodi Builds list here. It depends on your choice which suits your best. I personally and thousands of others voted for Xanax Build because it has many features and working great with Real-Debrid.

Write your favorite Kodi Build of 2020 in the comment box…

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