Best IPTV Service Providers in 2020

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Last Updated on June 24, 2020 by Jenny L

It’s a cord-cutting article and here I am going to list out some of the best IPTV service providers for Firestick and Android TV Box. Even these IPTV services also supporting other platforms and operating systems such as- Android TV, Android Phones/Tablets, iOS devices, Windows PC, macOS, etc. If you need a top IPTV service provider for any of these devices, check the provider’s list and their IPTV services reviews in this article.

What Is IPTV and How it Works?

How IPTV Works

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and it’s an advanced technology to watch live tv channels and shows in a very cost-effective manner. Millions of people around the world have switched to IPTV to cut the cord of traditional cable TV. It’s because IPTV provides flexibility and also cheaper than satellite tv.

Getting started with IPTV is extremely easy and quick. You just need to buy the IPTV subscription from a good provider and install the app on supported devices. The benefits of IPTV is, you can watch it on our TV, PC, and Smartphones also. So, we can say that IPTV is a mobile version of live television channels.

If you have got an Android TV, Firestick, Android Box, or any other device that supports app installations, you can enjoy IPTV service on that. It’s primarily used for the Live Streaming of TV channels but most of the IPTV subscription providers support VOD (Video On Demand).

Most of the IPTV services provides hundred to thousands of tv channels at a very low price. However, some provide channels packages and some allow Pay-Per-View options where customers can create their own package.

What is the Best Device for IPTV in 2020?

IPTV providers generally provide APK (Application) to watch the channels. But, many out of them also allow using a web interface to watching tv channels. So, an Android interface is better for cord-cutting. If you have got a Smart TV that supports Android OS, you can watch IPTV without any issue.

Currently, the majority of people using media streaming devices like Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Stick 4K, or Fire TV Cube for watching IPTV. Amazon Fire TV devices running on the Android-based custom operating system called Fire OS.

The device allows users to install IPTV APK or any 3rd-party applications and it’s termed as ‘Jailbreaking’.

With Jailbroken Firestick, users can install the IPTV Apk and many other third-party applications that provide free streaming of movies and tv shows.

Even, I have written a separate guide to jailbreak Amazon Firestick for free IPTV streaming. I’ve also prepared a list of APK’s that offer free movies and tv shows streaming. Find both the articles below-

Is IPTV Legal?

I explored some forums and Reddit questions, I found that many users don’t know whether an IPTV is Legal or not? So, I want to clear your doubts here.

There are many IPTV services that are legal to use. But, the majority of cheap IPTV services are illegal. You can take the example of Netflix/Prime Video and Putlocker sites.

Both of these are providing Movies and Videos. But, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video is totally legal to use, while many Putlockers and torrents are illegal.

Whether IPTV is legal or not, it totally depends upon IPTV providers. If a service provider is holding the license to streaming tv channels, it’s legal to use. But, most of the popular IPTV providers are not having complete licenses and documents.

Protect yourself with a good VPN


I always recommend you to protect your privacy with a good VPN. If you want yourself safe, always use a VPN to keep your IP address and activities anonymous.

A VPN will mask your activities and hide your IP location from ISP, government, app developer, and hackers. So, it’s impossible for them from logging your online activities.

Apart from this, many countries and ISP’s block some IPTV services to access. A VPN will also bypass this restriction and you can watch everything you want to watch.

I found that I can not watch some IPTV unless I am not connected to my Express VPN.

Best IPTV Services

Here I’m going to list out some of the Best IPTV Services in 2020. But, before listing out top IPTV providers, I would like to introduce some of the important terms and abbreviations.

Connections: Number of devices can be used to stream those IPTV services. If an IPTV subscription allows 3 connections, it means, you can use that IPTV across any three devices such as Firestick, Smartphone, and PC.

Catch Up: It’s a feature that provides recordings of some popular shows/events aired on television. Catch Up episodes are usually available for a few days after a show is aired.

IP Location Locked: If an IPTV is IP Location Locked, it means you can not access this IPTV from any other IP address.

PPV: Pay Per View sporting events.

ISP: Internet Service Provider

M3U URL: A URL provided by IPTV provider to use it on any third-party players like TiviMate, Perfect Player, and IPTV Smarters.

VOD: Video On Demand

VPN: Virtual Private Network allow to connect the internet anonymously. All your activities are hidden from your ISP, Government, Hackers, and App Developers. Everything is encrypted and private.

So, these are some abbreviations that I’ll use while IPTV service reviews. Once you find such terms, correlate it here.

1. Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV IPTV

Sportz TV IPTV is one of the Best IPTV Service for Firestick and Android TV Boxes. It provides 6500+ satellite channels from popular countries like the USA, UK, Canada, India, Bangladesh, etc. Even you can find more locations to watch live channels on Firestick.

Sportz TV IPTV Review:

Channels: Over 6500+ from different country locations.

Pricing: $9.95/month

Connections: 2 connections you can add extra at the time of registration.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Perfectly works with Express VPN.

IP Location Locked: No.

Catch Up: Yes

M3U URL: Yes

PPV: Yes


Sports Season Package: Yes

Adult Channels: Yes

Support: Yes, via Telegram Chat

2. Sapphire Secure IPTV

Sapphire Secure IPTV

Sapphire Secure is a cost-effective IPTV provider for Firestick and Android TV Box. Currently, it’s offering over 4000+ live tv channels and catch up features. There are many popular channels of the USA and the UK in HD format.

Sapphire Secure IPTV Reviews:

Channels: Over 4000+ channels.

Pricing: $5/month

Connections: 1 but you can add extra at the time of registration.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Smoothly works with Express VPN.

IP Location Locked: No.

Catch Up: Yes

M3U URL: Yes

PPV: Yes


Sports Season Package: Yes

Adult Channels: Yes

Support: Ticket support and via Discord App.

3. Sportz Prime IPTV

Sportz Prime IPTV

Yet another cost-effective IPTV service that provides 2900+ channels to watch. There’s a dedicated application for Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and Android TV Boxes. Getting started with Sportz Prime IPTV is quite easy. All you need to do is- take IPTV subscription from the website, install the application and start watching live channels.

Sportz Prime IPTV Reviews:

Channels: Over 2900+ channels.

Pricing: $7.50/month

Connections: 1 but you can add extra at the time of registration.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Smoothly works with Express VPN.

IP Location Locked: No.

Catch Up: No

M3U URL: Yes

PPV: Yes

VOD: Yes, but limited content.

Sports Season Package: Yes

Adult Channels: Yes

Support: Yes, via Telegram Chat.

4. Nitro TV IPTV


Nitro TV is a well-known IPTV service for HD channels. You can find more than 2500+ HD and overall 6000+ tv channels to watch. Definitely, it’s not a cheap IPTV service, but it allows the multi-connection feature to average out the price.

Nitro TV IPTV Review:

Channels: Over 6000+ channels out of them 2500+ channels are in HD.

Pricing: $20/month (One-day trial available at $4)

Connections: 2 but you can add extra at the time of registration.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Tested with Express VPN and works smoothly.

IP Location Locked: No.

Catch Up: Yes

M3U URL: Yes

PPV: Yes

Sports Season Package: Yes

Adult Channels: Yes

Support: Yes, via Online Support form.

5. Expedite TV

Expedite TV IPTV

If you have a large family and need IPTV subscriptions for multiple devices, so I recommend you to register for Expedite TV IPTV. It allows up to 5 connections at $24 per month. In that, you’ll get over 800 channels from different categories.

Expedite TV IPTV Service Reviews:

Channels: Over 800 HD Channels.

Pricing: $25/month

Connections: 5 it’s the best feature of Expedite TV.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Tested with Express VPN and works great.

IP Location Locked: No.

Catch Up: Yes

M3U URL: Yes

PPV: Yes

VOD: Yes

Sports Season Package: Yes

Adult Channels: Yes

Support: Yes, via Online Support form.

Best Free IPTV Services

There are many free IPTV services as well. But, these are not so reliable as paid ones. However, until you get an IPTV subscription, you can try these free IPTV services for Firestick and Android TV Boxes.

1. Mobdro


Mobdro is an extremely popular IPTV service provider for Firestick and Android devices. It has thousands of channels from different countries and various categories. This could be a good alternative until you switch to a paid IPTV provider.

Read: How to install Mobdro on Firestick


2. Swift Streamz

Swift Streamz

It’s a lightweight free IPTV application that offers thousands of tv channels worldwide. Swift Streamz is a completely free IPTV service that doesn’t require any registration/sign up process. All it requires is the installation of a small size APK and your Firestick will be ready to stream.

Read: How to install Swift Streamz on Firestick


3. Live Net TV

Live Net TV

Live Net TV is an old player and it supports Firestick as well. It provides thousands of channels from the USA, UK, India, Bangladesh, Canada, Pakistan, and many other countries. The installation process is very easy for Firestick and Android TV users.

Read: How to install Live Net TV on Firestick


4. HD Streamz

HD Streamz

HD Streamz is a well-know IPTV application for the sports channels. However, you can watch many entertainments, movies, kids, kitchen, and music channels as well. Just like Swift Streamz, it also does not need any signup process.

The app is already got installed over millions of Android devices. But, the latest version of HD Streamz is remote-friendly and it’s already working smoothly on Fire TV devices. You can watch over 1200+ channels for free of cost.

Read: How to install HD Streamz on Firestick

5. TVTap


There are hundreds of thousands of Firestick and Android TV users installed TVTap Apk on their device. It provides a wide range of IPTV channels for no charges. However, it’s not so reliable in terms of service and support. But, if you want a free IPTV provider for Firestick then TvTap is a good option.

Read: How to install TVTap on Firestick



A few months back, authorities targeted Xtream Codes and due to that, thousands of IPTV providers were stopped working. Xtream Codes was the most popular IPTV software that backup IPTV providers to manage users’ data and services. After that, lot’s of IPTV services got offline. Some of them recovered but stopped new user registrations.

Area 51 IPTV and many others were affected by those changes and Area 51 IPTV is no longer taking new registrations. So, I’m constantly updating this list with the Best IPTV provider for Firestick.

If you had a better experience with your IPTV provider, please share your suggestion in the comment box. We’ll test and add our views on that IPTV in the next update. Feel free to let us know if any Xtream Codes affected IPTV is back online recently.

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