Best Amazon FireStick Apps (2020)

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Last Updated on July 9, 2020 by Jenny L

It’s a true cord-cutting guide here you’re going to find out the best firestick apps that overload your streaming device with tons of Movies, Shows, Sports, and Live TV.

Here I am going to provide you a complete list of top Fire TV apps that really overwhelm you with quality movies and tv shows. I’m regularly updating this list and you’ll constantly find 100% working firestick apps of 2020.

However, I request you share your feedback in the comment box and inform us- if you find a really good streaming app for firestick.

Warning: Before moving ahead make sure you use a VPN…

Your ISP and government monitor your internet activity, streaming copyrighted content on any of your devices could get you in trouble with the law and you may go behind the bar.

We recommend you hide your IP address and remain anonymous online by using a trusted VPN.

We recommend ExpressVPN as the #1 provider for FireStick, ExpressVPN has the fastest speeds and unblock geo-restricted content like US Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and BBC iPlayer making them our top choice for streaming too!

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You are already aware of the popularity of Amazon Firestick. Because it brought a revolutionary change in the streaming world. It completely vanished the demand for traditional satellite tv and cable connections.

Everyone switching to IPTV services and looking for cord-cutting materials. That’s why I emphasize myself to write and maintain this list with top movies and live tv app for Amazon Fire TV devices.

All the apps listed here are also working for Fire TV (2nd and 3rd generation), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and Firestick (1st and 2nd generation).

So, let’s head over to the top Amazon firestick apps...

Best Amazon Firestick Apps

Best Amazon Firestick Apps

1- Express VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an extremely important app for those who really care about their privacy. When it comes to streaming devices like Firestick, Kodi Box, or Android TV Box, a VPN became a crucial need.

Although, a VPN service is needed to unblock geo-restricted contents. Being straightforward – If you’re looking to watch something that is banned/restricted in your country, you can change your location to a different country to enjoy hasslefree and risk-free streaming of restricted content.

What is a VPN

Moreover, the Government and ISPs worldwide track their users’ activities and streamers and torrent downloaders are their top target. If you don’t want to drive yourself into any legal trouble, anonymize your activities with a good VPN. Express VPN is the top-rate VPN for streaming and torrenting. Amazon App Store has already got Express VPN, you can simply download the app and set up within a few minutes only.

Here’s how to install and setup Express VPN on Firestick. Follow this tutorial step-by-step to get Express VPN installed. Currently, Express VPN offering a special discount for a new account sign up. You can save up to 49% on the Express VPN yearly plan.

Click here to grab 49% discount deal

Best Firestick Apps For Movies and TV Shows (Free)

Best Firestick Apps for Movies and Shows

2- Cinema APK (Free)

Cinema Apk

With the endless collection of movies and tv shows, Cinema APK is the most popular streaming application for Android devices. It’s been working flawlessly with Amazon Alexa Firestick Remote and entertaining millions of users.

Due to insane popularity, various developers copied the source code and launched Cinema Apk Fork for Fire TV devices. Cinema APK dashboard is totally filled with an outstanding collection of free movies and tv shows with daily fresh content.

The application has the ability to pull-out high-quality streaming links of request movies or shows. It also provides us the opportunity to authenticate the Real-Debrid account.

The Real-Debrid premium account integration with Cinema Apk results in hundreds of 4K HD movies and shows. It’s constantly performing outstandingly for streamers. Though, you have the freedom to download any videos and save for later to watch in free time.

How to install Cinema APK on Firestick

3- UnlockMyTv (Free)


UnlockMyTv is just a clone of Cinema Apk with little tweaks. It provides a similar dashboard interface and settings options with NO ADS. You’ll get a completely Ads-free interface for streaming videos on Firestick.

UnlockMyTv is consistently performing well in pulling out quality streaming links. Just like Cinema APK, UnlockMyTV also allows you to connect Real-Debrid and Trakt accounts.

It has got plenty of movies and tv shows for free of cost. You don’t even need to register anything. Just install the app and start streaming your favorite movies and shows from the list.

How to install UnlockMyTv on Firestick

4- CatMouse APK (Free)


A couple of months back, when CotoMovies (BobbyMovie) App was shut down, CatMouse APK came into existence. Now, it became the favorite Firestick app of many cord-cutters.

CatMouse Apk is a clone of Terrarium TV and it consistently performing well. If you are looking for an on-demand movie application for Firestick, CatMouse Apk could be your last search.

If you have loved Terrarium TV back, you’ll surely gonna love CatMouse Apk on your Firestick. It also has the option to authenticate Trakt and Real-Debrid account for better streaming experience.

How to install CatMouse Apk on Firestick

5- Kodi (Free)


If you know- how to use Kodi, it would fulfill all your streaming demand. It’s the most popular and powerful app for watching movies, tv shows, sports, live tv, documentaries, podcasts, adult videos, etc.

All you need is, install the proper add-on for your need. I’ve already written various tutorials of Kodi add-ons installation and Best Kodi Addons list.

You can check them and install a good Kodi addon to watch everything.

How to install Kodi on Firestick

6- Theater Plus (Free)

Theater Plus App

Theater Plus is yet another new application that providing a clean interface and plenty of movies. It’s a Terrarium TV fork and offering plenty of HD videos.

Thousands of Firestick users already installed Theater Plus APK on their Fire TV devices. It’s winning cord-cutter heart with high-quality movies and tv shows. It can be sideloaded with the help of Downloader for Firestick.

How to install Theater Plus on Firestick

7- TeaTV Apk (Free)


TeaTV is an old player in the cord-cutter apps. It’s gained insane popularity among Android users but now it’s getting famous among Firestick users’ also.

I would say, Tea TV is one of the best firestick apps for movies and tv shows. It has got a bigger database with daily fresh content. The interface is also engaging.

The latest version of TeaTV Apk is working smoothly with Firestick Alexa Remote. I would recommend this app for Fire TV Stick 4K users because it is also pull-out 4K HD streaming links.

How to install TeaTV on Firestick

8- Titanium TV (Free)

Titanium TV

Titanium TV is a clone of the Terrarium TV app and it’s already providing a huge collection of movies for Firestick users’. Well, you don’t notice much difference while using this app.

It feels like, Terrarium TV logo has been replaced by Titanium TV, and remaining everything is the same. Titanium TV is a lightweight and best app for firestick devices.

How to install Titanium TV on Firestick

9- BeeTV (Free)

Bee TV

BeeTV is yet another on-demand movie application that provides FullHD 1080p movies and tv shows for Firestick. Though, you can connect a premium Real-Debrid account to pull-out 4K streaming links.

The app also provides the freedom to keep track of all your tv shows with account integration. BeeTV similarly works like other on-demand application and do not holds anything on their server.

How to install BeeTV on Firestick

10- Typhoon TV (Free)

Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV provides an Ads Free interface for firestick with plenty of movies and tv shows. The interface of Typhoon TV is inspired by Terrarium TV (which is shut down long back).

Whether you have Real-Debrid or not, it works smoothly across all the devices. With quality streaming links of movies and shows, it’s best-known movies app for Firestick, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube. You can install the Typhoon TV app by following the tutorial mentioned below.

How to install Typhoon TV on Firestick

11- Cyberflix TV (Free)


There are hundreds of apps that used Terrarium TV source code and Cyberflix TV is one from them that touched cord-cutters heart with quality streaming links.

It’s one of the oldest clones of Terrarium TV which provides a bunch of 1080p movies and shows. It also an on-demand movie app for firestick that doesn’t host anything on its own server.

Cyberflix TV has plenty of popular video hosters including GoogleVideo, Openload, HDStreams, etc. For smoother and hustle-free streaming experience, I recommend you to connect Real-Debrid and Express VPN.

12- Solex TV (Free)

Solex TV App

To be very honest, I personally don’t like the UI of Solex TV because I already tested various streaming apps. However, it’s a hub of free movies and tv shows with NO ADS interface. It has a separate segment to watch in theatre movies also.

It has a huge collection of movies and tv shows in a well-categorized format. You can install Solex TV on Firestick to watch HD movies for free of cost.

How to install Solex TV on Firestick

13- Onebox HD (Free)

OneBox HD

It’s a consistent performer when it comes to an app that provides quality streaming links at no monthly charges. Onebox HD is one of a great app for firestick where users can find their favorite movie collection.

OneBox HD has already won millions of Android users’ hearts with free movies and tv shows. Still, it’s of the most demanded movies app for Android mobiles.

I kept this app so down in the list of free movies apps for firestick because the latest software release is not yet remote-friendly. However, you can watch movies and shows on firestick after installing Onebox HD.

How to install Onebox HD on Firestick

14- Showbox APK (Free)

Showbox HD

I am sure, You already heard about Showbox Apk. It was the most popular movie streaming app for Android devices and that’s why its always on authorities radar for copyright violation. Showbox developers also released it’s Fire TV version.

But it’s not a reliable app for streaming. From a couple of weeks, Showbox users are getting the ‘Connection Error’ message. So, you can keep it as a spare app for firestick.

How to install Showbox APK on Firestick

15- TVZion (Free)

TVZion Apk

TVZion offers a one-click play feature to Fire TV and Android devices. It’s also an on-demand app that fetches streaming links from multiple sources.

The app is completely remote-friendly consistently doing a great job and lots of users satisfied with TVZion. It might not be- the best on-demand app for firestick but it’s worth a try.

How to install TVZion on Firestick

16- Freeflix HQ (Free)

Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ is yet another on-demand movie app for firestick and android devices that gained immense popularity among cord-cutter. Along with Live streaming of movies, tv shows, and animated series, it allows users to save it offline feature so, that you can’t miss your favorite content.

Freeflix HQ is an All-In-One (AIO) app for Firestick that satisfy you with all entertainment needs. Although, there are live tv channels also that allow you to watch it directly. Yeah, definitely it’s limited tv channels but doesn’t worry, I’m also listing out some live tv apps below.

How to install Freeflix HQ on Firestick

17- Mediabox HD (Free)

MediaBox HD

Mediabox is a lightweight but powerful app that has a huge database of latest and older movies and tv shows. It’s perfectly compatible with Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Cube.

The app is smoothly working with Amazon Alexa Voice Remote. It allows us to watch anything for free of cost. You can read the step-by-step tutorial to install Mediabox HD on Firestick.

How to install Mediabox HD on Firestick

18- Morph TV (Free)

Morph TV

Morph TV is a clone of a popular movie application called Morpheus TV. It provides simple UI with a limited category. Yet, one of the best firestick app that pull-out high-quality streaming links for a smoother experience.

It’s one of the similar on-demand apps that do not host anything on its own. The powerful scripts and setup programming codes that scrape streaming links from the various sources. I would say, try it once.

How to install Morph TV on Firestick (Tutorial is coming soon)

19- Crackle (Free)


Crackle is backed up from Sony Entertainment and it’s one of a good app for watching movies for free. You can find out top-rated and most popular movies hasslefree.

You can install this app from the official App Store. Though you need to register an account to use Crackle on Firestick, it’s totally worth.

20- Pluto TV (Free)

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an IPTV service with a bunch of movies and tv shows. It doesn’t store anything, but you can watch movies on live tv channels.

With tons of channels, Pluto TV never let down your expectations. Every time, you can watch something new.

The app is available on App Store, so you can directly install it on your Fire TV device.

How to install Pluto TV on Firestick

Best Firestick Apps in 2020

Here’s a list of the best firestick apps that provides free streaming of movies and shows-

  1. Cinema Apk (Works great with Real-Debrid)
  2. UnlockMyTV (Get 4K Movies and Shows with Real-Debrid)
  3. CatMouse Apk
  4. Kodi (Requires add-ons, here’s a list of top Kodi add-ons)
  5. Theater Plus Apk
  6. TeaTV Apk
  7. Titanium TV
  8. BeeTV Apk
  9. Typhoon TV
  10. Cyberflix TV
  11. Solex TV
  12. Onebox HD Apk
  13. TVZion Apk
  14. Freeflix HQ
  15. Pluto TV

These are some top-rated free streaming apps for movies and tv shows. We recommend you to integrate Real-Debrid account with supported apps and enjoy 4K streaming experience.

Best Paid Firestick Apps

Best Paid Firestick Apps

21- Netflix (Paid)

Netflix is the world’s most demanding streaming service that supports all popular platforms such as- Android Phones/Tablets, iOS, Firestick, Android TV, Windows, macOS, Roku, etc.

Netflix is the entertainment hub of millions of people. The high-quality videos and biggest library of Movies and TV Shows made this the Best Streaming Service. Although it’s a paid service, you’ll get a lot.

Netflix also offering a 1-month free trial to test out and you can sign up here- It supports HD and Ultra HD (4K HDR) video quality.

22- Prime Video (Paid)

Amazon Prime Video is yet another valuable service that gives lots of benefits. You can enjoy Movies, Shows, Music, and fast delivery on Amazon with Prime subscriptions.

Don’t care about other benefits, just enjoy Prime Video on Firestick and other devices such as Android Phones/Tablets, Android TV, iPhone, Windows PC, and macOS.

23- Crunchyroll (Paid)

Crunchyroll is a well-known streaming service for Asian channels and Japanese anime videos. If your interest falls under this, you can go for Crunchyroll on Firestick. It has tons of episodes to broadcasts in different languages.

24- Disney+ (Paid)

Disney+ is now available for Firestick. You can follow this guide to install Disney+ on Firestick. It’s one of the popular video streaming services that provide plenty of streaming options. From Kids to Adults, you’ll get everything on Disney+. The popular Star Wars, National Geographic, and many other contents are available to watch here.

25- HBO Now

HBO Now is available in the United States. However, you can access it from anywhere by connecting to ExpressVPN USA servers. HBO Now is an old service that provides lots of streaming options to the users.


On the reader’s request, we have prepared a list of the best apps for firestick that provides free movies and tv shows streaming links. However, there are many paid services also listed here. In case, you can’t find it, go for premium subscriptions. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment box.

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        Freeflix HQ has issues with the servers when it comes to tv shows. I find myself constantly changing serves with no success. I cleared the cache and still no success. Please help!

  2. The best alternative we have found so far has been Morpheus. Lots of options and not hard to navigate. Don’t have to buy or rent movies.

  3. Have tried several different apps but not one as good terrarium… how dare they close it down… don’t they realise millions of people are hurting right now? Showbox won’t let me navigate it, teatv won’t find the streams, moviehd just as bad as show box, and popcorn time won’t let you save series/films to favourites…. Help I’m going crazy here ????????????

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