10 Best Apps For Android TV Box

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Best Apps for Android TV Box

In this guide, I am providing a list of some best android tv box apps list. The majority of apps are essential for an Android TV box users. So, if you are looking for the best apps for android tv box recommendation then this post is specially dedicated to you.

The concept of an Android TV device was launched in June 2014 by Google developers. However, the first Android TV device was the Nexus Player which is a hardware interface designed by Asus. Later, the demand for smart tv was extensively raised.

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Hundreds of Android-powered smart tv went popular worldwide but it became a regretting moment for those who recently bought a non-smart tv. Just within a short time span, lots of media streaming devices launched to convert any normal tv into a smart tv.

Android TV box, Firestick, Fire TV cube, Google Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Nexus Player are some best example of those devices which converts any non-smart tv into the smart tv. Now, it became a tough task to pick the best apps for these media streaming devices.

So, here in this post, I’m going to show you a list of 10 best apps for android tv box. Recently, I have written a separate post for the list of best firestick apps which can be checked here.

Best Android TV Box Apps in 2020

These are some essential apps for Android TV box-

1- Express VPN

Express VPN

Got a new Android TV box for streaming movies, videos and tv shows? Installed Netflix’s other streaming services? You may unable to access some geo-restricted contents from Netflix or any other streaming services. Also, there are many apps that provide copyrighted contents and scrap videos from the torrent sites on your Android TV box.

Accessing copyrighted contents and torrent contents are Crime!

Anytime, you’ll get a legal notice against piracy. Also, it’s not safe to use any streaming apps without a VPN. A VPN will allocate you a virtual public IP address and high-security against your privacy.

Express VPN is a superfast and super secure VPN for streaming media players. So, before installing any other apps on the Android TV box, I recommend you to install Express VPN on your device. However, Express VPN is a premium VPN provider and you can get a cheap deal from below.

Visit ExpressVPN

2- NetFlix


Netflix is a world popular streaming service provider. The primary need for Android TV box is to watch internet-based movies and tv shows on a non-smart television. Now, when a world popular media streaming device (Android TV Box) meets with a world popular media streaming service (Netflix), then almost all the watching needs are done.

However, Netflix is a premium streaming service, so you can try some free Netflix alternatives from below. Also, Netflix strictly follows, region-locked policy. So, you just need a VPN and here I again recommend you to try any of these VPN’s on your device.

3- Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV

Netflix is a paid streaming service but Morpheus TV is a free alternative to Netflix. However, it’s true that Morpheus TV doesn’t have those vast categories of videos but if you are looking for movies, tv shows, sports, news, etc. then Morpheus TV is the best choice.

Morpheus TV is the most trending movie application after Terrarium TV shutting down. Most of the streaming device users installing this app on their device. The dashboard of Morpheus TV is quite similar to Terrarium TV. It also provides thousands of movies and tv shows update daily on your device.

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4- Kodi


Kodi is a world popular weapon for movies and tv shows lovers. Almost, 90% of smart tv and media streaming device users installed Kodi. It’s an open-source media player application which made the streaming extremely easy. Kodi is completely free to download and easy to set up.

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Though, you need to install some add-ons to watch free movies and tv shows on Kodi. So, Kodi is my second choice after Morpheus TV because Morpheus TV doesn’t ask for any extra plugin setup. However, I have already listed so many best add-ons for Kodi.

Check below-

5- Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is quite popular among iPhone users because firstly it was available for iOS only. Later, Popcorn Time gained insane popularity is very short time-span and developers expanded it among Android and all other operating systems.

Popcorn Time was the most popular movie and streaming apps in 2017 but terrarium tv has taken over. Now, Terrarium TV is shutting down but still, Popcorn Time will fill that void. It’s basically a BitTorrent client with an integrated media player.

So, for the movies and tv shows lover, Popcorn Time would be a perfect choice. That’s why I kept this into the list of best Android TV box apps.

How to install Popcorn Time on FireStick

6- TV Player

TV Player

Whether you want to watch BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, BBC RED, ITV, BBC News, CNN, etc. on your Android TV Box, I recommend you to install TV Player App on your Android Box. It’s the best app to watch UK Freeview channels on Android devices. Also, TVPlayer is a free application without any legal restrictions.

7- Google Chrome


To perform every activity on the internet, you need a web browser. Google Chrome is a fast, secure and advanced web browser to install on Android TV Box. It supports all advanced JavaScripts and HTML codes and also provides high-speed downloading resume support.

8- ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

Yet another best Android TV app for managing files on your tv. It also supports downloading from the internet. ES File Explorer stores and manages your files on the Android TV Box. Also, you can perform all the common actions like Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, etc. Apart from it, ES File Explorer added an additional feature to manage all cloud-based file by connecting through FTP and SFTP.

9- MX Player

MX Player

There is rarely someone who is using Android and never heard about MX Player. It’s the most downloaded media player application on the Google Play Store. All the advanced features and file formats are supported by MX Player. It’s the most recommended Video Player for Android devices.

Also, MX Player supporting Internet-based streaming. So, if you installed some movies apps like terrarium tv and Morpheus TV then you must install MX Player in order to stream the movies and tv shows. It automatically fetches the subtitles from the internet.

10- Plex


Plex is an immensely popular and powerful media management software that organizes all your media among various devices. If you are using multiple devices like Firestick, Android TV Box, Smartphone, PC, etc. in your home and want to access all the files from any of the devices, Plex will help you in this.

Final Words

Well, it’s tough for me to conclude this article because most of Android TV Box apps listed here are extremely essential. However, if you ask me to summarize this, then I would say, your privacy is extremely important if you using any streaming box.

So, it’s strongly recommended that you should use a VPN before watching anything. Express VPN is a super-fast VPN I tested ever. It never let down your speed and avoids buffering problem. Apart from it, you should try Kodi, Morpheus TV, MX Player and Popcorn Time for free movies and tv shows.

I am waiting for your response in the comment box. Also, write the issue you are facing…


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11 thoughts on “10 Best Apps For Android TV Box”

  1. Angelique Jurgens

    Thank you. I don’t quite understand that vpn thing. When I google there are so many. What risks do I have if i don’t use a vpn? Still so bummed about terrarium tv :(. That was literally all I needed. And then it was up again and in a flash gone.

    1. Terrarium leaving us was a good thing, no one hardly wanted to competed with them, now that it’s gone there are 8 or more excellent alternatives, I like Cyberflix, or Cinema Hd which is my backup prog, and Bee Tv, Tea Tv has improved, Tv Zion, Titanium, and there are others now and all are better than the old Terrarium.

  2. In your instructions above you show how to install Morpheus on a firestick. Can I not download it directly on my MX10 TV box.Will is work

  3. I am looking for an app similar to kodi in terms of movie library management database. I don’t want online streaming and kodi addon and all. Playing movies and series stored on my network devices using kodi buffers a lot and the best app in the category for me is ES File Explorer which can play 1080P movies with easy over LAN. The only shortcoming for ES Explorer for me is data I it does not show movie and series info on my devices like Kodi does.

    1. I too have network LAN storage.. I use BubbleUPNP to play directly from the LAN HDD to my chromecast. Its not as swish as kodi or plex but it works. However I rarely download these days. With all the streaming content available downloading is for the most part obsolete. That being said I will download good quality versions of films i really do want to keep and watch without streaming. Seems a little contrived I know but at least if my incoming net goes down i can still watch movies.. i probably have around 2000..ish

  4. I have a android tv box I got all the order apps but I am looking for newer. Movie apps real live tv apps

    Thank u roger

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