How To Backup Kodi Data On Firestick (Quick & Easy)

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Last Updated on August 20, 2020 by Jenny L

In this article, you will be guided with the step-by-step process on how to setup backup Kodi on firestick before resetting and restoring your data. Once you take a backup file of all Kodi data, you can import it anywhere to access all your settings and plugins. 

Kodi Data Back up is a smart method to keep and prevent loss of Kodi data after a reset or reinstallation of Kodi and addons. There are tools and measures to assist in speeding-up Kodi, alleviate buffering issues, and fix the over-all performance of your streaming activities. There are instances when none of these would work and you resort to resetting Kodi to default as an option. 

In other words, just like the technology that fails from the operating system, hardware crash down, or corrupted Kodi data settings, Kodi backup is essential for a quick rebuild of setup.

NoteIt’s an excellent feature of Kodi that, UI is exactly the same on all the devices. This process of backup Kodi data will work on all the operating systems where Kodi installed. I’m taking the example from the Firestick device, but you can follow it on any device.

Firestick is an extremely popular media hardware device that supports almost all Smart TV. Amazon Firestick is providing a combined interface to watch movies, play videos and listen to music, that too without installing any external software. There are massive inbuilt apps and tools which provide you complete entertainment package.

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Similarly, Kodi is an immensely viral media entertainment software that provides numerous operating system users to watch free movies, videos, music, and play games. Thousands of Kodi add-ons are helping Kodi users to stream 4K HD quality content from the various torrent sources. Once, we finish installing Kodi on Firestick, we can stream all those content free of cost and we don’t need to pay for monthly subscriptions. Here I’ll teach you, how to backup Kodi data on firestick and restore on other devices.

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How To Backup Kodi On Firestick

Launch Kodi on your firestick and follow these steps to backup Kodi data on Firestick.

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Step-1: Open Kodi Add-ons

Backup Kodi On Firestick 1

Step-2: Select Ares Wizard

Go to Program add-ons and open Ares Wizard. If you haven’t installed Ares Wizard yet, follow this guide to install Ares Wizard on Kodi. After that, launch Ares Wizard.

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-3: Select Backup

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-4: Click On Select Destination

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-5: Select Backup

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-6: Select Root filesystem

How To Backup Kodi Data On Firestick

Step-7: Select sdcard

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-8: Select backups

Backup Kodi Data On Firestick

Step-9: Select Kodi

Backup Kodi On Firestick

Step-10: Select OK

Backup Kodi On Firestick 10

Step-11: Select REFRESH

Backup Kodi On Firestick 11

Step-12: Select Make Backup

Backup Kodi On Firestick 12

Step-13: Select YES

Backup Kodi On Firestick 13

Step-14: Wait for a few seconds

Backup Kodi On Firestick 14

Step-15: Select No

Backup Kodi On Firestick 15

All your Kodi data back up is completed. You can now restore this data to any other Firestick device using Ares Wizard.  Ares Wizard may restore the data however, there might still be a need for reinstalling some missing Addons or builds should you need them. During this process, you have taken Kodi Add-Ons backup, Kodi backup settings, Kodi backup skin settings, and other Kodi backup configuration.

Check these links for Firestick Apps, Builds, and Addons.

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