Apple TV is Now Available for Firestick- Here’s How To Install

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Last Updated on March 22, 2020 by Jenny L

In this guide, you’re going to learn how to install Apple TV on Firestick. The official Apple TV is now available for Amazon Fire TV devices and supporting Firestick 4K, Firestick 2nd generation, and some Fire TV. So, here I’ll show the step-by-step installation process.

On 23rd October 2019, the Apple TV app has been officially released for Fire TV devices. Firestick users can install it directly from the Amazon App store. Millions of people waiting for Apple TV app on the Firestick app store. And this wait is finally over.

Note- Apple TV is NOT supported for Fire TV (1st & 2nd generation) and 1st generation Fire TV Stick. Also, the Apple TV will be launched soon for Fire TV Cube, Fire TV (3rd Gen), Nvidia Sheild, and Fire TV Edition Smart TV.

While exploring some Reddit discussion, I found that many people still not able to get Apple TV on the Firestick app store. If you’re also facing the same, then I must tell you- Apple TV has been released for almost all Fire TV devices, however, if you can’t find this on the app store then I recommend you, please update your FireOS to the latest release.

Follow this tutorial to update FireOS- How To Update FireOS To Latest Version

If you still facing the issue, feel free to write in the comment box.

Wait… Read Before You Continue…

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So, let’s jump at the installation steps…

How to install Apple TV on Firestick?

Follow these steps to install Apple TV on Firestick

1: Open Firestick

Just plug-in all the cables and turn on Firestick and your TV. Also, connect your Firestick with a working WiFi network. Once your device will be connected to the internet, you’ll see this kind of user interface.

Firestick Home

2: Go to the Search option

Using your Fire TV Remote, go to the search option of Firestick. You can download millions of apps from the Amazon App Store.

Firestick Search

3: Type “Apple TV”

In the search option, type- “Apple TV” (without quotes) with the help of your Fire TV Remote and select “Apple Tv” from the suggestion list.

How To Install Apple TV on Firestick

4: Select Apple TV

Here you can see, Apple TV is available in the Apps & Games list. Just select that App to install on your device.

How To Install Apple TV on Firestick

5: Select Download

Here you will see a “Download” button. If you’re installing it for the first time, you’ll see the “Get” option. Just select that to begin the installation.

How To Install Apple TV on Firestick

6: Wait…

Just wait for a few seconds. The application is downloading on your Firestick device. It may take up to 50 seconds to download and install.

Apple TV on Firestick

7: Open Apple TV

Great! Apple TV has been installed on your Firestick. Now, select “Open” to launch it on your Fire TV device.

Install Apple TV on Firestick

8: Select Start Streaming

Apple TV Setup on Firestick

9: Select Don’t Send

Here you have the option to keep your activities hidden or you can share it with Apple developers. I love to go with the “Don’t Send” option.

Apple TV App for Firestick

10: Go to Settings

In the navigation bar, you can see the Settings option. Using your Fire TV remote, select this option to log in with Apple ID.

Setup Apple TV Account on Firestick

11: Go to Accounts

Use your Fire TV remote and select the Accounts option.

Steps to install Apple TV App on Firestick

12: Select Sign In

In order to watch anything from the Apple TV app on Firestick, you need to log in with Apple ID. Make sure that you’ve a subscription to Apple TV.

Sign in to Apple TV on Firestick

13: Select Sign In on This TV

Here you’ve options to Sign In on Mobile Device or Sign In On This TV. The first option needs an iPhone where your account is already login. You’ll get a QR code or security code to log in. However, the second option needs your Apple ID and Password to log in. I am going with the second option.

How To Install Apple TV on Firestick

14: Enter Apple ID

Here you need to type Apple ID (username) and select Continue.

How To Install Apple TV on Firestick 4K

15: Enter Password

Enter your account password and select Sign In.

Login to Apple TV on Firestick

16: Wait…

You’re Signin In with your Apple ID on Firestick. Please wait… Once the account is Sign In, you are able to watch Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, etc. on Firestick.

How to get Apple TV on Firestick

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